Sunday, July 1, 2012

New financial year resolutions.

Save! Save! Save!

Cutting expenses where practicable.

Focus on growing more of our own food.

Tightening the belt another notch.

And maybe even make a little extra cash along the way.


Joolzmac said...

I have just upped the weekly payment we make to the power company so the next bill won't be too big of a shock! :(


Tania @ Out Back said...

Yep same here too Tracy! I have a copy of this great book, and use it often for reference :)

Lisa said...

Good luck!

Kirsten said...

Me too! Although I am about to add a few hours of work, but it's from home, which means a new laptop etc, so it's going to take three months of doing the extra work just to pay that off!

Still, I'm hoping with the carbon price offsets to families we'll actually be better off, especially since we already have 100% greenpower, so our electricity proce shouldn't go up.