Sunday, July 29, 2012

We drove Tom back to Sydney on Friday in readiness for university on Monday. We drove back home on Saturday and I have come to the conclusion that driving for 12 hours plus in two days is just too much for a body to handle. I do not know how long distance drivers do it, they are made of tougher stuff than me.

 The few daylight hours we spent at the townhouse were full of fun. Mowing the little patch of lawn (which I would turn in to a herb garden if I moved in), grocery shopping, going to the new park and looking at plants.

A rare occurence, all of us together.
 My sister's and there kids came over for dinner on Friday night. When I sent out the call to invite them all over I didn't think about the fact that I would have been up since 4am and driving a long way. But it was all good. I made three curries with Basmati rice and took cakes, biscuit and slice from home for dessert. Next time we visit should be in September and I think a restaurant meal might be on the cards (it will be my birthday afterall).

Today though, it is back to normal. Chilly nights, gorgeous days and a sleep in for the girls. Tom is settling back in to city life and Tim is at work.

I have only just realised that I have been AWoL online for a week or two. I think my mind has been away with the fairies but hopefully I am on the not too straight and not too narrow now. I also hope I can think of some things worth blogging about because I do miss that when I am away from it.

Now I have the finishing touches to put to our Sunday soup night dinner, a phone call to Tom and then off to bed then ready for a brand new day tomorrow.


Christy said...

I know what you mean about the driving. When I was single I would think nothing of driving 12 hours each way to a friends wedding in Tennessee or North Carolina, on a long weekend, but not anymore.

It's nice that your son is near to family.

Lil Bit Brit

Joolzmac said...

Life tends to get in the way of blogging as much as blogging can get in the way of life. I work each day so unless I bake or there is unusual weather, sometimes I just don't have anything to blog about.