Monday, September 10, 2012

Looking Drab

 The herb garden is looking totally drab. I have been weeding, mulching and tidying but it needs a real overhaul as far as the plants go. All four garden beds need some colour. The dahlias will be up soon enough but the flowers will be a while off yet. I have sown some nasturtiums and marigolds for some quicker colour.
 This is bed 2 and it is being swamped by sounternwood. It is growing right in the middle of the bed and is messy and like many messes, it seems to be spreading. I'm going to cut it back to try to contain it a little and hopefully make it fill out a little more.

 The lucerne mulch doesn't add much to the appearance of the garden either and the fact that it has been a few years since there has been any change, it is looking stale in my mind.
 Bed 4 has been almost wiped out by a pesky rabbit. It has been digging and nipping at stems. Some blood and bone to keep the rabbit away and some fresh plantings are definitely in order.

My zeal for planting in the herb garden has come at a good time. It is my birthday on the 20th so I am busy now writing a little wish list of plants that I might like. I am transplanting volunteer lavenders, oregano, borage and thyme so things should be looking good soon.

 The first rose of the spring has made an appearance. It is called Knockout but is in actual fact fairly plain by rose standards. I'm not big fan of pink but a rose is a rose and I like it anyway.

 This I am looking forward to. The jasmine is almost ready to burst and the archway is laden with it. I really can't think of a sweeter flower to enjoy though I am partial to gardenia as well.

Lastly (if you have made it this far) I wanted to share a link to  Julie Goodwin's Lemon and Lime Tart recipe. I made it yesterday afternoon because for one thing the lemon tree is offering us a plentiful supply and also because I was making turnip soup for dinner. I love turnip soup but I thought with something that sounded so humdrum on the menu I should sweeten it with a little dessert. The recipe I can report is easy and quite delicious.

I am off to do a little more stalking of my Christmas swap partner before the girls arrive home from school.
take care,


Kayly said...

I TOTALLY agree with you about the jasmine. Mine is just about finished flowering. I stand, sniff and almost drink in its perfume. It has to be up there for one of the great aromas. I can't call it a smell. 'Smell' just doesn't do it justice. My Chinese jasmine is in bud but will not flower, I think, for another month.
I also love gardenia and carnations, and the Port Wine magnolia isn't bad either. My nephew used to call his grandmother's plant - the bubblegum tree.
Glad you enjoy your flowers as well as the vege patch.

Fiona said...

my jasmine is almost over already... so strange that there is so much difference between our places... it has been just lovely wafting through the house....

Joolzmac said...

I have both ofJulie's books so will give that ago, maybe even tomorrow as we have a dinner guest coming.


Lisa said...

Looking drab now, but you have much to look forward to!

Becky said...

Hi Tracy! That Lemon desert looks delicious! I'll have to go to that site for the recipe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Karen said...

Hi Tracy, i mulch my beds with lucerne too, it doesn't look very nice, but when the plants grow they will cover it up. I love the mountain view you have, iv'e always wanted a place with that sort of view, you are very lucky. My jasmine is in full bloom now, i love the fragrance. Have a nice afternoon.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I planted variegated (sp?) sage in my herb garden to give it some color. It is beautiful.

The lemon tart looks amazing!!!! Thanks for praying for us. God has enabled us to find a house. We just need to sell ours now.


Greenearth said...

How special your garden looks.

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