Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 the list and my giveaway.

New Years's resolutions don't seem to work for me (probably not a lot of others either from what I hear). Perhaps because they usually involve deprivation, giving up something or other that we usually enjoy. Being healthy is always a top priority for me so it goes without saying as part of my list. I am going to try to focus on a few things that I think will add something to my life even if it is in only a trivial way, anything that makes life more rich is good in my opinion.
So for 2013 I am going to:
Become more flexible. Literally and figuratively.  Something that I have noticed as I get older is that my physical flexibility has declined and I would very much like it back. So more stretching, yoga and exercise. I should be back doing the splits and cartwheels in no time... right?
Write more letters. I have mentioned before that in my teen years I had penpals from across the globe and I really enjoyed it. So staring in 2013, I am going to be sending and hopefully receiving more letters. If anyone would like to correspond in a more traditional way, please feel free to email me with your details (my email address is on my profile page) and I will be more than happy to write you a letter. My first letter is heading off to Tim to be waiting for him when he returns to work at the end of the month. I have a few other people from my past and present I have in mind but I really would like a few more penpals.
Dinner at a local French restaurant.
Try some new recipes. One a week in fact. I'm sure my family do get a little tired of my usual repertoire so some more exciting things on the menu will be nice. I will even try to make the meal more of an event than usual.
Hospitality. I am aiming to open up a bit more and invite people into our home to share time. I always struggle with the idea that I am not good enough to cook for others and that perhaps our home isn't good enough to entertain in. It is well past time to let go of these silly notions so this year, even if it is just for a simple cup of tea and piece of cake, I will open our doors wide and let friendship in. 
Enjoy the local area more. It is something that is easy to do, forget to enjpy the great things that the local area has to offer. So in 2013, I'm going to take more notice of the local beauty, merchants and events.
There, that's only five things which should be doable and not one involves depriving myself of anything. Now on to the giveaway.
In celebration of 400 posts (401 now) here on this blog, I would like to have a giveaway. Nothing too thrilling, just a little of my handiwork and maybe one or two other things. The giveaway will be open to anyone and followers here and on Facebook will receive an extra entry. The giveaway will be drawn on 17th January (by Tim, it's his birthday) so please leave a comment and good luck.
Happy 2013


Lisa said...

Good luck with your resolutions, Tracy. (I can't believe anyone would be anything but thrilled to taste some of your cooking!)

Tania @ Out Back said...

Hi Tracy, I love your list!

I could do with more of all of those too. I do too much sitting for a start, need to get exercising even if it is just a walk.

I also should write more letters, I used to love it before the internet...I am going to send you one soon in reply to the lovely Christmas card you sent me. Just hope it gets to you before next Christmas lol! My daughter on the other hand, like you, loves writing letters. She blogs here: I think you should get in touch, I will show her your blog too :)

Yes I need to try more recipes, easy cheap ones though :)

And I feel the same way as you about hospitality, maybe I should try harder too...

Yes I should explore more around our area, there is so much to see, and I haven't even scraped the surface yet. Only been here 20 years, time to get a move on!

Now that I have hijacked your post lol, I want to wish you good luck with your new adventures, I look forward to reading about them :)

Take care,


Vickie said...

hey chicky..I'd love to come visit your corner hehehe..invite pffft nope I just stroll right in....anyone that gets to visit you is so fortunate to be able to see the 3 dimensional side of sunny your list...I too have the goal of 1 new recipe a week..picked 3 books from the op shop and have started perusing them..and may just add the recipe may be just a simple vartiation from a meal I already cook or it mnay even be a desert dish.
I used to love to write to my pen pals but lost contact over the years and since my arm injury, my writing is not the best..I am plannignt o finish more ufo's this reading your blog..keep up the picturesque poosts pwease,cheers Vickie

Linda said...

I actually let my daughter host a party, and though I didn't have to really do anything it was nice to like you say just try to let go of the feeling the house isn't good enough. We did a little to prepare and it all helps and eventually we will get there.

I also have been checking out a couple of places I haven't been too, a local coffee place and pub, because I haven't been even though I have lived here for 9 years. Oh and anothe pub as well.

Joolz said...

They sound like doable resolutions. I know I need to get back to either exercising or walking more (most likely walking) and I definitely need to be back to weight watching - that will happen on 16/1/13!
I love receiving letters so I might start writing to a friend of mine who lives in Qld and she's not on Facebook so...

Judging by past food pictures, your food is definitely up to standard for entertaining - don't sell yourself short!

Cheers - Joolz

Kim maxwell said...

Good luck with your list, think I might do something similar! Need the motivation...
Have liked you on facebook too..

Kim maxwell said...

Good luck with your list, think I might do something similar! Need the motivation...
Have liked you on facebook too..

farmer_liz said...

your hospitality comment struck a chord, we have been making an effort over the break to invite people here and not be embarrassed by our tiny house. It is messy because it is small and so many things are piled up on top of things, but it is comfortable. I'm sure your cooking is wonderful! Good luck with all your resolutions. Mine was to write in my farm diary every day, and I'm doing ok so far (day 5).

Christy said...

That sounds like a list I could work with.

I too have been thinking of hospitality more, but on a more simple scale, or else you just don't do it.

Enjoy the summer.


Fiona said...

some very meaningful plans for this year... most of the new recipes I try are from you!!! haha... congrats on 400 posts .. it is amazing how quick it comes areound..

africanaussie said...

Oh Tracy, I could have made the exact same list...I have been slowly doing a bit of yoga to ease the herniated disc in my back and am surprised how much more flexible I am already. I love being adventurous with food, but my hubby is not so keen on change. I have also decided that I need to be a bit more pro-active about making friends. I wonder how many of us feel that way and never break the ice.

Kimberley Atkinson said...

I really hope my letter gets to you next week! Seems to be going via the Outback??!! Love the table in the backyard. I too have been doing more cooking/ baking lately. Made a great cheesecake the other night but the boys were not keen - a lot of cheesecake for 2 people! Just clicked like n your Facebook page too.

ikkinlala said...

Best of luck! Those are definitely good goals. I struggle with the hospitality one for much the same reasons.

Paola said...

Happy 2013 Tracy - I could relate to your list, especially the yoga, new recipes and inviting more people to your enjoy your home. I''ve been thinking along the same lines, and have "ring xx" to arrange lunch next weekend on my to-do list today. Even though it is a little daunting, I never regret having people in our home, and my family enjoys it too.
Funny you were a keen pen pal in your youth. So was I. Perhaps blogging is the new pen-palling. I hope not, I used to love getting handwritten letters in the mail.

xo.sorcha.ox said...

Letters are grand, aren't they? Everyone should send more letters, they make the world a happier place. :)

I tend not to make resolutions because I only end up disappointing myself when I don't keep them. ;) This year I'm trying to set little goals for each month: January it is to catch up on my mail since the pile of letters needing reply has grown significantly over the festive season. At the end of the month I'll set a goal for February. I don't want to put too much pressure on myself! :)

Thank you for visiting my blog, by the way. It was really nice to read your comment. I hope the weather is treating you kindly and I wish you all the best for 2013.


Becky said...

Hi Tracy! I have "writing more letters" on my Dreams and Goals list as well. And I love your idea of sharing more with friends. I'll email you my address so perhaps we could share a few letters this year as well.... perhaps I could send you some of our family favorite recipes written in my own hand writing as well.

Ruth @ Camellia Rose said...

Happy new year Tracy. I don't tend to make resolutions myself because you're right, when they involve deprivation they are too hard to stick to! If you want an inspiring cookbook I can highly recommend Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals. I got it as an early birthday present and since I've been on holiday I've been trying a few of the recipes. They are quick, easy and delicious. I have made them for family and friends and they've gone down well.
Hope you and your garden are withstanding the heat ok - it's been all over the news here and I've been thinking of my Aussie friends.