Thursday, October 3, 2013

A day in Murrurundi

 On Tuesday Tim worked six hours overtime in Murrurundi so we decided to have a day out. If he works away from home during the school holidays we will often go with him if the hours are right. Tuesday's hours were a respectable 7am to 1pm. That meant leaving home at about 5:15am which at this time of year is quite nice (when the clocks have to be changed on the weekend it will be a different story). We dropped him off at work and had a nice day in Murrurundi.

We know the town fairly well now and usually like to head off to the local park which is like a little hideaway and aptly named Paradise Park. However Tuesday was so windy that it was scary (for me) so we stuck to safer indoor pursuits.

Browsing the charity shop which always has something to offer. We didn't spend much, $1 on a mixed bag of greeting cards, $1 on some books for Hope, a little plate for me and a sweet Holly Hobbie plate which I might give to my sister... maybe.

We also kicked back at the library. It is a tiny library but the selection of books is quite good. I usually just stick to the magazines or browse the cookbooks for interesting recipes. I can't borrow from this library because it is out of my area so I just make the most of the latest copies of Country Style and Better Homes and Gardens. Hope can usually get through a short book in the while we spend there.

 Grace checks out the jigsaw puzzles. My guess is she is probably the oldest 'kid' to open those jigsaw boxes and complete the puzzles. She could also very well be the only person to have opened them up in quite a while. Happily every puzzle she has done there has been complete without a piece missing which is quite surprising.

I also took advantage of the sitting time to do some crochet. I joined a swap quite some time back and I haven't been motivated to get it finished. But  Christmas apparently being only 12 weeks away  is motivation aplenty to get this job done. I just have to bring all of the squares up to equal size (they were supposed to be 4" squares) which I am doing in black and then join them up. Easier said than done just like most things. It was a black, grey and white swap so the colour palette is not the most exciting but hopefully it will look good or at least presentable when I finish. We'll see.

Are you thinking about Christmas gifts? I still have a few birthdays to organise first.



Sunnybrook Farm said...

They have been selling fake christmas trees in stores for several weeks already. I just can't think about the holiday yet. Besides the economy is so bad that they will cut prices a lot more as time gets closer.

Lisa said...

It occurred to me that the bulky hand warmers I've made work up so fast, I might make a couple of those for gifts.

shez said...

What a lovely day your family had Tracee and yep xmas will be here before we know it,lol,have a lovely day.xx

Joolz said...

I am sick of this windy stormy weather! Not much good for doing anything but staying indoors.

Mum reminded me that I will be making the Christmas Pud this year and to soak the fruit at the end of November. That wont take long to come around!

Cheers -Joolz xx

Kim said...

12 weeks to go??!! Gosh this year has gone super fast!
I love murrarundi too - love the bakery.