Monday, October 28, 2013

Mondays etc

Mondays are the busy day here. Town day. Grocery shopping, violin lesson, bill paying and generally anything that needs to be done there. Today I'm squeezing in a trip to the RTA (or whatever it is called now) for Grace to take her learner driver test (she turned 16 yesterday so she is very keen). Believe me, I am not keen to have another child driving. I worry about them. 
Yesterday we moved the chickens to a new run. Easier said than done. The Isa Browns of course were easy, they are such gluttons that they will go wherever the feed bucket goes. The bantams not so simple to trick into taking up new a residence. There was a fair bit of cajoling and eventually things went right.

The turkeys however are staying put. The mother birds are patiently sitting on their eggs with hatching due soon. The white turkey will let you near her and even allow you to look under her to see what is going on. The brown however will have none of that. Tim has the bites and scratches to prove it (he had to remove some chicken eggs she had 'stolen'). Not long now though. The 28 day incubation does seem to drag on though when you are waiting to see some cute chicks.

Little Trilby is doing her very best to work her charms and win a place in our hearts. Really she didn't have to do a thing, she's already there. When I say little, I mean it. At her withers, she was only knee high when she was born.

What else is going on here today?
  •  Well the flies are just terrible. I can honestly say that I am yet to find any endearing qualities about flies and I'm in no hurry to look for any either.
  • I'm writing my meal plan and shopping list.
  • I'm about to do an ab workout. A trip to the coast is imminent and I'm thinking I should have taken up this challenge at least 30 days ago.
  • Addressing envelopes and getting this weeks mail ready to post.
  • Planted out a white lavender and sowed some luffa seeds.
  • Vacuuming, mopping, garden watering, blog reading.
It's all pretty  boring really.
That's how my Mondays pan out.

 How's your day?


shez said...

Hi tracy gee i am tired just reading all that you are going to do,lol,have a wonderful day.xx

Tania said...

Your little calf is just gorgeous! As is her mum. I love those shaggy highlanders though I haven't seen any around our parts. Loving hearing about your birds too. We're hoping to get some chickens real soon and a guy down the road breeds turkeys, so it would be great to add a few in the future.

Lisa said...

I'm hoping to do some baking today, after I recover from tonight's Red Sox game.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Sounds busy indeed! Marie is so pretty. We changed up the coop and roosting perches last night and the chickens totally freaked out. They don't like change at all!

judy said...

hi Tracy love your new little calf so cute. have you had any success with luffas there? i used to grow them when we lived at tabulam...great things.library opening was pretty good.nice big area now should be so much better.they provided a beautiful lunch very enjoyable.Im housebound again i now have plurisy.great! so not much will be done here for a few days.enjoyed reading your blog.take care jude xxx

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Boring but busy indeed! Moving chickens, I definitely agree, is much easier said than done. Trying to herd them is also no fun. :) Good luck to Grace - I can remember the excitement I had when I finally was of age to drive. Your photos are beautiful!

Weekend-Windup said...

Love your hen and new little calf.

Vickie said...

I never find or think boring in reading your daily activities..Trilby is cute at this stage LOL, oh wow really Grace can get her learners holey...sounds like fun with the chooks not too much...cheers Vickie

Harry Flashman said...

I liked the calf. The cow looks like something out of the misty past. Auroch's I think they were called.

I have plenty of chickens but the only turkeys here are wild.