Friday, November 29, 2013

 We had a lovely time at Grace's formal dinner at school on Tuesday night. It's amazing how grown up everyone seems when they dress up for a special occasion.
I'm short. Who knew?
It's back to reality though. The past two days Grace has been camping out under the stars and doing farm work. And, it is raining so I'm sure when she arrives home tonight there will be no sign of glamour what so ever. Lots of stories though I'm sure, she is my 'story girl'.
Not so sunny "Sunny Corner"
As I said, it is raining. It is completely delightful here today. I've been outside wandering around because I don't mind walking in the rain a bit. My tanks are full to overflowing so that is good news for when it is dry again.
I've also been plotting and planning more plantings. The soil will be ripe for it now that is soaked with all the goodness that only rainfall brings.

Now though if you want to find me, I will be sitting on the veranda somewhere near the gardenia writing cards and letters. The gardenia is my favourite flower (when it has finished flowering, I'll find a new favourite) if it lasted longer as a cut flower before turning yellow/brown it would be perfect.

Writing more real letters- 'snail mail'- was on my list of things I wanted to do in 2013 and I have been. I missed having penpals.  I joined up #postcircle a little while back and that has been especially nice. I've also been writing to a couple of other bloggers, sending out random little notes,parcels and cards and just having a merry old time. I don't know anyone who doesn't like to receive something sweet in their letterbox. I will be continuing this 'resolution' into 2014 and forever actually.



Zara said...

A beautiful photo of you and your girl.
Gardenias are a favourite flower here too, the scant is just stunning. x

Kimmie said...

Receiving something in the mail from you is most exciting! Lot's of thought, care and love go into the items you post. Very special!


Keryn B said...

You both look lovely. Pleased you had a great night - they grow up to quick. Nothing nicer than a letter with a stamp!!

Val said...

Beautiful photo of you two! I love the lace at the top and hem of her dress too. Lovely.

"Real" (non-bill/invoice, non-shopping ads, non-"addressed to the resident at [address]" generic mail) is always a good thing. I'm glad fulfilling your resolution has brought joy into your life--Joy-finding is so important.

Lisa said...

You both look so pretty! And your sandals are the same, or almost.

I really enjoyed seeing the envelope you made, Tracy. You're very clever.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

You two look so beautiful all dressed up! It's a rarity that I'm dressed up nice nowadays haha.

Fiona said...

you both look lovely and I hope Grace has had a lovely time... Glad you have had lovely rain,we did too last night and this morning....

Hannah. said...

I really hope you are enjoying #postcircle, its been a while since I've sent any letters out. Your post looks pretty!