Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Where have I been? To the seaside. We spent a week at the coast and it was good. No to-do lists, no chores (well not many) and fairly good weather too. I have missed my blogging friends.

 The thing that amazes me most about the beach is the sand. I am still finding it and I don't think our car will ever be sand -free again. That's not too high a price to pay for fun.

 Big sunsets at the coast. Living in a valley, the sun drops down behind the hills early and doesn't look so spectacular.

The wildlife was rather friendly too and didn't mind being photographed at all. Tim made mention of how funny it is that we were stopping to photograph kangaroos when they are in plentiful supply at home. Oh well, this one was too hard to resist.

When we did arrive home on Saturday it was to dry, gusty, hot conditions. There hadn't been a drop of rain while we were away and the garden was suffering. I was almost ready to not bother. Thankfully an afternoon nap and a storm put me in a better mood.

Everything has had a generous water and a good soak of rain and all looks up again and ready to take on the summer growing season.

Now a rainy day is giving me the luxury of having some time to write letters and cards and enjoy some craft making.


Lisa said...

I wondered where you were! The sea is always nice, and that sunset looks amazing.

Louise Jane said...

I had been thinking you were quiet and was hoping that you were OK.

Sounds like a lovelly holiday - I hear you re the sand, it just keeps coming out long after you have left the beach. The picture of the sunset was amazing.

We have had a couple of storms through here with much needed rain - there is nothing like the smell of rain.

shez said...

its nice to get away but even better to get back home,take care Tracy.xx

Christy said...

Lovely to kick back at the beach. Amazing photo.

Also great when it rains on the summer garden, it gives one a break as you said.


Keryn B said...

Looks like a beautiful place so pleased you had a lovely time.

Fiona said...

A trip to the coast is just the best holiday ...
Glad to hear you got some rain... we have had a bit too..

The Little Acre that Could said...

Vacation put a nice perspective on things. I'm glad you had fun.

Haddock said...

That last picture is perfect.
So well framed.