Sunday, November 17, 2013

In the garden today

Finally after being home  from holidays for a week I think I am back in my groove. That is, I've caught up on things and can just use my usual routine now. I'm not sure why going away makes for so much work when you get home (at my home anyway). That means a leisurely time in the garden on Sunday afternoon. Picking things for lunch or dinner, being hounded by flies (which is not at all leisurely), pulling a weed or two and giving everything a nice soak.
What caught my eye today was.
 A very nice looking black prince. Here he is hiding amongst the sweet corn.

 Those same sweet corn are looking good now. They struggled a little at first with the dry weather but they are through playing catch up and are looking lush. I'm looking forward to the corn.

The yellowest of yellow snapdragons. One of my favourite cottagey flowers because I remember growing them when I was small. I still like to pick a blossom and 'snap' it.

And the santolina is in flower which is really rather pretty. Usually it is a subdued grey coloured shrub but right now it is stand out yellow. I like it a lot.

It hasn't been all work and no play this past week. Just no blogging. I have been busy making and creating in my sewing room, writing lots of letters, baking, flitting into town a couple more times than I would have liked and even sending out some early Christmas cards and learning much about Western Sahara while Hope finished up her school project. Life is not tough here.



Sunnybrook Farm said...

Nice to see some spring photos, we have the dark cicada here with the red eyes but a lot of them are green and white. We are a few years away from their 17 year appearance. The corn is looking good.

Lisa said...

I had to look up your black prince. A cicada? He looks pretty large, and you got a good shot of him.

Fiona said...

I love seeing what is happening at your place... and I always love a splash of yellow in the garden... and the house...