Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday 26/1

Watering the garden has actually become a bit of a chore of late rather than the quiet, contemplative time it usually is. Well, I had a day off because we actually had 15mm of rain on Friday night which was wonderful to say the least. And, there has been a cool breeze blowing since to make things just that bit more pleasant. Of course we have had another heatwave predicted for the end of the week but that's days away so I won't think about it now.

 I can't say I've ever heard of spaghetti squash being Australia Day fare so I'm saving this beauty for tomorrow.

And just because this dahlia is looking particularly pretty today I thought I would share it. Truly my only complaint with dahlias is their lack of scent.

And there are absolutely no complaints about marigolds from me. They are bright and cheery, they grow all by themselves and would probably survive without any interference at all. They are also good companions to many apparently. I planted seeds years ago and have never had to bother sowing them since, they always pop up when and where they deem appropriate.

Pumpkins are starting to kick into high gear. It's the little bit of rain I think. Nothing can beat rainfall, not even rainwater from a tank for some reason. This one is a Turk's Turban which to me aren't the best for eating but they are nice to look at.

What isn't enjoying the heat is my larger tomatoes. They are getting sunburnt. It only affects the side facing the sun which I just chop off and give to the poultry. I think I will be picking the tomatoes early and letting them ripen indoors away from the sun. The cherry tomatoes and golf ball sized ones don't seem to mind at all and can handle the sun no problem.
It's only two more sleeps until school goes back for the year. I'm not looking forward to it really but I think a return to routine might be a good thing.


Lisa said...

beautiful photos ! x

Lisa said...

I had no idea that tomatoes could get sunburned like that - I thought they loved the sun!

Jen Ham said...

Your garden is just beautiful! Oohh, and the dahlia! xoxo Jen

xo.sorcha.ox said...

Watering is such a chore at the moment, especially when it is still hot out even though it is 8pm and you want to have it done before dark. :/

We had 20mm of rain fall on Friday, which was FABULOUS. I didn't want it stop! But, alas, it is January and I must be realistic. Tomorrow starts another heatwave, first day temp of 41*C, then every day to follow 40+ for at least the next 7 days. I think that rain will prove rather useless by this time next week!


Fiona said...

I will be interested how you find the spaghetti squash... I have heard of them but never seen or tasted...

endah murniyati said...

beautiful dahlia, so wonderful. An interesting squash, I guess it will be a great dish.

Jeanette said...

Hi Tracy. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I love meeting people from other countries! It's so weird, and fun, seeing summertime pictures from our southern friends.We've had the coldest weather that I can remember for years, with more on the way this week. It's great to remember that the HEAT will come again. Good luck with your veggies!