Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thanks ladies


Thanks for the hay she says with her mouth full. Not the best manners in town but it is nice to feel appreciated and if you come bearing gifts of hay or a bucket of pellets they will love you. Actually in reality they are a little timid and will only come when I whistle and are wary of strangers. Sooky is probably the best way to describe them both sheep and cattle (except the rams who are bossy).

I do have a few thank you messages though. As I mentioned e few days ago I was participating in Jewell's swap for Australia Day. My partner, Marcia, sent me a fantastic gift. Too much to photograph in one shot. Marcia  was very clever with her gift choices and generous too.

Aussie BBQ pack, Useable fabric, Shopping list and String bag, Trim and cards, Rosalie Quinlan patterns, Apron, Lollies, Ice cube tray and containers and Angel in my garden stitcheries and hanger.

Thanks so much Marcia and thanks Julie for organising a great swap to start off 2014.

I have had a couple of postcards this week via postcrossing and they are nice to receive. I am going to continue sending postcards but only sometimes. It is just a bit more random than I prefer. I much prefer a nice letter and to get to know someone than just a postcard and nothing more. It's still very nice to have a surprise postcard in the letterbox and if you aren't one for letters but like mail then it's ideal.

I also want to thank Kimberley for the sweet card she sent me and a nice new dishcloth too. Kimberley is a clever clogs and I get tired just reading about all of the things she can fit in her schedule.

I'm one lucky girl. Thanks.


shez said...

wow lots of beautiful gifts tracy,enjoy,love your animal pic.xx

Sharon said...

That is the most adorable cow ever x

Daisy Jayne said...

I am glad the swap parcel arrived safe and sound, I do hope the goodies are useful..... have a greaT Australia Day

endah murniyati said...

really nice gift. So cute