Sunday, January 19, 2014

Today is just plain yuck, there isn't an eloquent way to describe it. Too hot, too dry and not much fun to be outdoors at all. The girls and I were going to go for a drive to the local pool but you know what? It is too hot to bother with that. Hope is being entertained watching a movie (Frankie and Annette are still good) and Grace is cross stitching (I don't know how she can) and I am reading blogs (with a preference for Northern Hemisphere snowy ones). Poor old Tim is at work hoping (as always) that there are no fires or other mishaps.

I love my back door view anytime but truly when it is brown and the remaining grass just crunches underfoot is my least favourite way to view it. We are fortunate though, the creeks are still flowing albeit slowly and it is still green in the riparian zone. I know out west it is dire and even in these parts some of the farms I drive past the stock have no worthwhile feed. Summertime always makes a cottage in town with ample water and less responsibility look inviting.

If I had a house in town though I might miss out on having little chicks (I certainly couldn't have a rooster). This little one is a few days old now and impossible to catch. Very lively despite the mid-forty degree C heat. Marie the mother hen was supposed to be hatching some turkey eggs because the last thing we need are more flighty Sebright-cross bantams but unbeknownst to us she also ferreted away some bantam eggs in her clutch. Thankfully she is still sitting tight so the turkey eggs should still be viable. Fingers crossed.



Louise Jane said...

It is horrid weather at the moment. I only go out to water early evening (might be also known to have a little chat with the plants and tell them it will get cooler soon) hoping the mossies stay away while I'm out there.

It just ran through my head as I read about the town house imagine what you would miss out on from your beautiful farm, then the picture of the chick appeared.

I certainly hope that the weather breaks for the poor farmers west of the range soon.

I keep telling myself it could be worse like the poor people in VIC and SA that had such big temps this week.

Zara said...

Yes yucky is a good way to describe the weather I think.
You have a stunning view. I can just picture it as it changes through the seasons.

Vickie said...

aww the wee chicken is soo weather is blah..lucky the girls have occupied themselves..cheers Vickie

Becky said...

Mother Hens can be so sneaky! Enjoy the little hatch lings!

Hannah. said...

That little chick is adorable, definitely a good part of not living in the city.


Sunnybrook Farm said...

Ah to have a warm day, just in from feeding at 24 F and busting ice in the animal water. Dusty has learned to flip his over and break the ice out on the ground along with any water, guess he is helping me or maybe he just likes to watch me carry buckets. I like your little chickie and would like to start some this year, we only keep one rooster for such purposes and he is all ready to make chicks as well. Think cool!

Fiona said...

so dry..... thinking of you