Friday, March 28, 2014

While the sun is shining

I like gardening in the rain but not too much. Today has been mostly dry so I'm making the most of it and so is everyone else.

The moist ground is bringing all sorts of goodies to the surface. Or so I assume.

On the corn
 The bees are getting out amongst the good stuff not only in between showers but even when there is a little bit of drizzle.

On the buckwheat

And making a bee line for the corn.

The dahlias (and this is my very favourite- Lemon Snow) are in their prime. Just in time for our local show which I did not enter this year.

Soybean pods
And I just thought these soybeans looked a little cute and strange all rolled into one. The soybeans didn't perform as well as I would have liked but I'll try again next season.



Sharon said...

I know you are putting those dahlias up just for me lol. I think you might need to start selling some tubers lol

Kim said...

Now these are the best bee photos I have ever seen. Have you got some kind of super duper lens on your camera?
I love the first on the most , the outlines on the wings up close. Beautiful!

Louise Jane said...

I love gardening after it rains not while it rains. We had torrential rain all morning yesterday and in the afternoon the sun came out. Which I think has made the grass grow 6 inches overnight. So when I finish here I'm off outside to move some plants and put some new ones in. I love it when the ground has that wet earth smell. I'm with you on the soybeans it reminded me of the saying it's so ugly it's beautiful.

Zara said...

The bee with legs laden with pollen made me smile. They sure are busy at the moment here too.

africanaussie said...

Awesome bee photos, and your soybeans looks nice - I have planted them again - mine also sometimes give me a short harvest but not prolific. I am never sure I am planting them in the right season.