Sunday, June 15, 2014

Parrots and Peas

Naughty bird
Parrots and peas do not mix.

Yellow podded pea flower
 My sugar snap peas and the yellow podded peas have been flowering. Which makes me very happy. What doesn't impress me is going out the day after I took this picture to find the birds have been having a grand time nipping the shoots and flowers off. They are oh so cheeky and bold those parrots.

 I guess I will just have to plant more to compensate. Not right now though, it's too cold. I just want to stay inside today. I'm not, but I want to.

I have devised a few contraptions with foil, old CDs and noisy tinsel to try to deter them. I do hope it works. I don't want to share my peas.



Chookyblue...... said...

I do like both the birds and the peas.......hope the foil works........

CountryMouse said...

How lucky are you to have those beautiful Rosellas around although your peas are not so lucky. I hope your reflective collection does the job.