Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pleasant Surprises

I love nice surprises. Who doesn't? My letterbox has been quiet this week and last but I did have a lovely parcel come in  which more than makes up for the other letter-less days. I joined Lisa's stationery swap and was paired up with Simone and what a great swap partner she has been. Friendly emails, a very generous swap gift and her blog is a nice place to visit too. If you want to see what I sent Simone, she has some pictures up on her blog and Simone's pictures are much better than mine.

A cheery card to say hello.

Brown paper packages... perfect!! What was even better was that I was home by myself so I got to be selfish and open them without help.

The girls have oohed and ahhed over everything now and wish they were swappers too. They know I'll share.

It would be nice to have a Typo store nearby. Our closest town is not the best place to procure stationery so I collect it on my travels and there are some very reasonable and tempting online stores too.

Alpine strawberry

A nice surprise of an edible kind. The alpine strawberry is coming into its own. Loads of little jewel-like fruits which if you have ever tasted them you will know they are delicious. If you haven't tasted them then I think the only way to do it would be to grow them yourself because I've never seen them for sale. Too tender to make it through the rigmarole of getting to the shops.

This last pleasant surprise really was a complete surprise and maybe not too pleasant for some. The picture doesn't do them justice because they really are cute. These are couple of microbats which have taken up residence in one my 'ornamental' birdhouses. I never would have known they were there but the dog has been keenly sniffing this birdhouse to let us know something was going on. We have had them on and off in a bat box but not in one of the birdhouses before. well not that I know of anyway. I wish I could open the lid and look at them but they don't like that so once we knew what was going on it was roof back on and good luck bats. I hope they are happy there and hang around.

I'm not sure how it works that someone who is scared of hermit crabs and won't touch chickens likes bats. The foibles of human nature.

Today I've busy working outdoors as it has warmed up nicely, about to do some baking and then packaging up a pleasant surprise for someone else.



shez said...

what a lovely post tracy and your swap seemed like lots of fun,hope you have a love day my friend.xx

Zara said...

Such pretty stationary.
The bats are cute. When I was little they used to live in the outdoor canvas blinds on my grandparents front verandah.

Jewells said...

I too love the Typo store...first found one in an airport..can't remember which one!

Lisa said...

Those microbats don't look very micro in your photo, LOL! My mouth is watering at the strawberries.

Fiona said...

looks a fun swap... those bats are pretty cute.... I was taught to be afraid of them as where we lived they often carried rabies...

Tania @ Out Back said...

I love surprise packages too, and yours is just lovely.

I have never heard of micro bats, but they do look cute :)


Simone withvintageandme said...

Hi Tracey, I am very happy that you liked your stationary swap parcel. Thank you for mentioning my blog. Enjoy your goodies x