Monday, June 16, 2014


Vegie Bed 16

As it is the 16th of the month, bed 16 in the vegetable patch got some attention today. I also had to catch up on bed 15 because I was too cold to go outside yesterday. I am quite happily surprised that my system that I started last year works for me in keeping on top of the vegetable garden in particular the weeding. One bed per day, corresponding to the day of the month with a few days spare.

Bed 16 is easy peasy this month. Weed around the garlics and tatsoi, pick some chillies and parsley and spread a little compost around everything. The chickens only got half a bucket of weeds out of it but they didn't complain.

I splurged on Friday and bought the ducks a watermelon. They were on special at the supermarket and if you have ever seen ducks tucking into watermelon then you will know that it is money well spent. Cheap entertainment for sure.

One of the success stories from this summers garden was the Mexican Sour Gherkin cucumber. These cucumbers have not stopped producing. They are slowing down now but given that we have had some bitter weather including frosts and sleet they are doing remarkably well. All of my other cucumbers have died off. They have a slightly tart flavour but in my opinion not too sour and are just as cute as can be. I picked these today so a salad is definitely on the menu tonight.



Janice said...

You're too organised for words... But you have to be to make your garden work so well for you. I bet you are very popular with your ducks at the moment.

westwickdreaming said...

Hi Tracy

It's Fraxknits/Becky here from D2E. After your lovely comments on my blog I just had to pop over and see what you were up to! I love your blog and pictures and I'm so pleased to see a fellow Tiny Owl Knits fan. I have the book and it s beautiful.

I'll definitely be adding you to me feedly RSS feed and I'll see you around the forum.


Jewells said...

I have never heard of Mexican Sour Gerkins.. must try and find a packet of seeds so we can grow them next season.

Tania @ Out Back said...

I thought those gerkins were miniature watermelons lol!

Our ducks used to devour our watermelon in a frenzy too :)