Saturday, June 14, 2014

Wet weather gardening

My new wet weather boots

It is quite wet out today. The rain held off yesterday which is a good thing because the girls had their athletics carnival.

There really isn't much gardening going on today. It's all just wandering about camera in hand. Seeing what is good to pick, what isn't quite ready and just getting a little bit of outside time in between showers which have just turned into a downpour. Lovely!!

Rain = Bad hair day apparently. And no comment except a stuck out tongue for the paparazzi. I'll show some pictures of garden things instead.

Tatsoi needs to be picked. I'm making spaghetti for dinner (I'm already hearing rumblings of discontent) so a nice salad alongside will welcome the extra greens. Yum!

Eureka lemon on its way to ripe. I wouldn't say the tree is laden but there are a few lemons which will be ready to pick soon. In the meantime I was given some yesterday which should tide me over.

I bought this plant labelled as 'dogbane' but from what I can tell it is Coleus Canina or Scaredy Cat Coleus, Plectranthus caninus . It may well live up to its hype and keep away cats and dogs but I wouldn't know. I do know that it doesn't the deter rabbits which have been very bold of late and have been raiding the herb garden. I must try to stay up a little later and try to get on top of that problem.

As it is truly pouring down now, I'm through with the outdoors today and I'm dreaming of what I might knit first from this book. It's the loveliest knitting book I have seen in a while. Very dreamy and whimsical. This is a library copy but I think I will have to buy it. If you would like to check out some of the designs from the book along with some other designs by Tiny Owl Knits, there is a page on Ravelry.


joy said...

Love your new boots, very pretty. If I had those I wouldn't want to wear them outside in case they got muddy x x x

knitbakecultivate said...

Oh I love your new boots! Just the thing to cheer up a rainy day :)

Tania @ Out Back said...

Such a cheeky cow :P

Cute boots :)


Ruth Millett said...

I've never grown Tatsoi. Is that similar to chard, or spinich, or bok choi? Does it bolt in hot weather? I love greens and it sounds interesting. I know you will eat this in a salad, but is it also good steamed or wilted? I'll just need to get some seeds and experiment.

Thank you for sharing your many wonderful pictures.