Thursday, August 28, 2014

A list while waiting

 I just took this picture. There should be solar panels up on that roof but I'm waiting quite patiently for the installers to arrive. They are only two hours late and after a quick chat with them, they think they will only be 3.5 hours later than scheduled. I wish I knew that earlier.

Anyway, while I've been waiting, I've made some jam. Strawberry and scented geranium. The recipe is here. It has set nicely and does have a pleasant rose and strawberry flavour but like all jams, it's too sweet for me.

I also tidied up my incoming penfriend letters from this year. And made this list after reading Mel's.

Making : a knitted dishcloth.
Cooking : roast chicken and vegetables. Well I will be cooking it a bit later.
Drinking : Yorkshire Tea.
Reading: magazines from the library.
Wanting: to get the washing dry on the clothes line today.
Looking: at postcards I've received.
Playing: with snail mail goodies
Deciding: what to give Tim for Father's Day.
Wishing: I could travel to faraway places for a holiday.
Enjoying: this last bit of winter before the bust spring season.
Waiting: for the solar installers.
Liking: this picture of my boy. He's the Storm Trooper.
Wondering: where to get some geese.
Loving: sowing summer vegetable seeds.
Pondering: expanding my vegetable garden.
Considering: some diet alterations.
Watching: Midsomer Murders. I'm a tragic.
Hoping: that Grace's orchestra application is successful.
Marvelling: at how easy it is for days to slip by.
Needing:to do some exercise.
Smelling: fresh air.
Wearing: jeans and a hoodie.
Following: this blog.
Noticing: that there are wattles galore.
Knowing: that we have to get started shearing the sheep .
Thinking: about doing some ironing.
Admiring: all the lovely gardens shared online. I even admire the not so lovely but practical ones.
Sorting: My letters. In fact my whole bedroom is getting spring cleaned bit by bit.
Buying: a gift card for a friend of Hope's.
Getting: ready for September. My birthday month.
Bookmarking: this tea wallet tutorial.
Disliking: driving. Always the driving!
Opening: a letter from a brand new penfriend.
Giggling: at myself.
Feeling: a little bit cold.
Coveting: a new kitchen and floating timber floors throughout the house. Might as well go all out.
Helping: I helped a friend with some knitting.
Hearing: a peewee/magpie lark on the verandah.


knitbakecultivate said...

I hope your solar panels arrived in the end and everything went well. I had an unproductive thursday last week waiting for the carpet man who was supposed to come at 8.30 and arrived at 11.30. A whole morning stuck at home with a restless preschooler on the one day it didn't rain!

Lisa said...

Midsomer Murders is very popular at my library - the dvd's are always checked out.

How exciting about your solar panels!

Jeanette said...

I hope your panels were installed. I was just thinking i'd like to try that jam but remembered my scented geranium died. :( Love your list. Hugs,xx