Wednesday, September 17, 2014

All good thank you.

Just the daily livestock check. All is good, shipshape and as it should be thanks very much. You know, some days animal husbandry makes having a suburban back yard with not a sheep or cow in sight look enticing. Not today, no dramas. Everyone is happy and healthy and so am I.

The ducks deciding to go across the road to the big dam is not so good but they lived to tell the tale and probably do it again tomorrow. Luckily I love my ducks.



Janice said...

Hi Tracy
I've just had a chance to catch up on your latest posts. You are starting to get to the busy time of the year. Everything is looking a picture. I can't believe how far ahead your season is compared to ours. We are just getting our first fruit trees in flower, the early iris are starting to open, my peas are up and we are still getting frosts. Lavender are way off flowering. Enjoy your asparagus. I'm jealous.

Lisa said...

Nice portraiture. ;)

Tania @ Out Back said...

Those cows are just so darn cute!!

Happy to hear things are all okay at your place Tracy :D


KERYN B said...

What a gorgeous post, everything looks those cows..their hair looks a bit like mine...needs a brush.