Sunday, November 2, 2014

Harvesting or not


Time to start harvesting the garlic. Three varieties this year but I just can't recall them right now. It's written down somewhere. Where??

I'm always happy that there is something in the garden that I can cook with but these garlics are extra welcome. I have resorted to buying jars of crushed garlic. I suppose I could just leave it out of my recipes but I don't want to. There has been fresh garlic in the greengrocers but it is all imported so I'm erring on the side of buying Australian. It's not bad. I hope this crop of garlic lasts until this time next year. Somehow I don't think it will.

I'm not harvesting loads of strawberries. I'll just have to be quicker if I'm to beat the culprit. That or net the strawberry beds. That would work... maybe.

Now, what to cook for dinner? I have been unimaginative in the kitchen lately. A little tired and disorganised perhaps.



Joolz said...

Where is all the Aussie garlic? Product of China or Mexico just doesn't cut it! The jar garlic and ginger is handy to have in the fridge.
Hmmm, winder what is eating the strawberries? Fat bellied possums?

Louise Jane said...

I'm hearing you on the issue of imported garlic. Thankfully we are now getting local garlic coming on the shelves at our local green grocers.

I have also been bored with cooking. No one knows what to have and when I suggest something the answer is no I don't feel like that (very frustrating). So now we sit down once a fortnight and plan our meals around my shift working husband. I then know what we need when I go to supermarket, butchers and fruit shop. We also pick something once a week that we haven't made before to make things interesting. The best part is when either husband or daughter ask what's for dinner I say look on the fridge!!

Kim said...

Hi Tracy , we had a similar problem with strawberries last year and now use iron chellates on the strawberry beds . Surprisingly I found that snails were actually making holes as big as the one in the photo and slaters were eating them from the bottom. Anyway this year has been the best harvest ever.
You are so lucky with your garlic!! Mine just never grew ,it just stayed small with big stalks!