Monday, November 3, 2014

Menu Plan

I don't have lack of inspiration as an excuse for a boring menu and that's just the books that don't fit on the shelves (plus a library book). Yesterday I said I'd been a little lacklustre in the kitchen these past few weeks. In all honesty I think it is because I have been super busy outside and by the time dinner comes around, I'd rather just go to bed. It certainly doesn't make an ounce of sense to be spending so much energy on growing food- plants and animals - and then be too tired to actually make the most of it. No sense at all!

This week, I am armed with a menu plan. I used to plan for a whole month and shop for a month too but it wasn't working out for the best so now I shop weekly (if I have to). I have to go to town anyway so I might as well go to the supermarket. Thankfully my town trips are early morning so I beat the traffic. The shopping aisle traffic that is.

Menu Plan
Monday- curry
Tuesday- zucchini burgers
Wednesday- beef stroganoff
Thursday- mixed grain salad (from Colin Fassnidge's cook book)
Friday- chilli
Saturday- wraps
Sunday- eggs someway or another. We have a lot of eggs.

We have vegetables with our meals but I don't include those because it depends what's good in the garden that day. Broad beans tonight because I picked the last of them today and cleared that garden bed.


We don't usually have dessert. I think because I don't have a 'sweet tooth' but I did manage to gather some strawberries today so dessert is on the menu tonight. I also witnessed first hand the strawberry thieves at work. Rosellas. Well, they didn't get these ones.

Now I can write my shopping list.


knitbakecultivate said...

Always good to have a plan. Those strawberries look amazing!

Lisa said...

Okay - I'm coming over. I want some fresh strawberries! :D

Kim said...

Oh Tracy , I so get the having to plan the meal .... I get caught up in my jobs and the 'slow living stuff' which includes picking the food and making delicious meals with it goes a bit pear shaped at times.
I have started getting dinner ready in the morning because I am wide awake then and this seems to be helping me stay on track. I love your menu plans though , fantastic yummy ideas .

A little bit country said...

I love your menu for the week - lots of what we enjoy. Sunday night is egg night for us too - especially when our chooks are happily laying. We tend to do omelettes Sunday night xo