Tuesday, December 2, 2014


The harbour is absolutely always a highlight for me when we visit Sydney. Usually we enjoy it by day but this time, we had the pleasure of a night time visit. Grace was listening to the wonders of the London Symphony Orchestra in the Opera House and the rest of us were sightseeing and people watching.

The London Symphony Orchestra was the reason for the trip in fact. Grace participated in a workshop and orchestra program with them specifically for young regional musicians. I tell you without  Grace's music, I would stay home a lot more. Another violin concert this evening as an end of year celebration.

 It looked a lot like Christmas everywhere. Even a LEGO Christmas tree in the middle of Pitt Street.

 A very pretty tree outside Customs House at Circular Quay. Not too busy there either which was nice.

And one of the countless 'trees' in the shopping complexes. Pretty but really kind of pointless.

The real highlight was coming home even if we did spend 2 hours in Sydney traffic before getting onto the open road and have to stop at McDonalds along the way. Home is best and gives me an extra burst of energy even if it is 12:30am when I get there. That burst of energy has deserted me now and I am playing catch up with sleep.

For my Reverse Advent ie give something away everyday challenge, I am giving away some lamb milk replacer. This is one I am definitely only giving to someone local, a big bag of powdered milk doesn't travel well I'm sure. I can't imagine anyone else would be giving away milk replacer for lambs.



shez said...

it was nice that you had a trip into town and how nice to get to hear Grace place,its always good to get back home,lol.xx

Chookyblue...... said...

Good thing Grace does music I say.....get you out and about.......
giving away lambs do need to find the right person for

KERYN B said...

Looks like a wonderful trip but your right always nice to get home.

Frugal Queen said...

love it, come one over and share some more, let's keep this going