Thursday, April 2, 2015


I'm spending my spare time in the garden this week and doing a little sewing too. It's has been that much more pleasant to be outdoors now that the weather has decided it might be autumn. Mostly I've just been tidying things up and readying vegetable garden beds for some seeds and seedlings. I have piles (lots of piles) of spent beans, tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini which are to be composted or given to the chooks. The chooks are probably sick of the wheelbarrow coming their way full of weeds and such.

What is still looking nice are the marigolds. I know not everyone likes them but I do. They are bright and cheerful, grow themselves and work well as a companion plant to many things.

And they are very generous with their seeds. I think I could supply most of the state with seeds if they wanted them and I could afford the postage costs.

Clearing one trellis of snake beans today I found dinner. Well part of it. Pink Fir Apple potatoes had grown unbeknownst hidden away under the jungle of beans. They are a lovely potato and obviously easy to grow.

It wasn't all potato serendipity in the garden. I did find one of my Atlantic Giant pumpkins gnawed by rabbits. Well I'm blaming rabbits because they are an ever present pest. Could have been a possum I suppose.

Tomorrow night is Friday Night with Friends. I'm not sure what I'll be working on. As always it depends on my energy levels at the end of the day. Perhaps more hexagons or maybe even a dress to wear to a wedding on April 11th. We'll see.


Deb R said...

Such yummy veggies, but tsk tsk on the rascally rabbit lol

Fiona said...

I am always amazed at how much growth there is in the garden in Autumn...

kiwikid said...

Love the marigolds...they always look so bright and happy! Good basket of goodies from the garden! Those bad rabbits!!! Just can't leave things alone can they!!