Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Today- Wednesday

Russian/ Elephant garlic

 Planting out those Russian garlic bulbs with grand hopes for a bumper harvest in the spring/summer. My hand is not a big one but these are also known as Elephant Garlic and are rather impressive. I want to try one in some cooking but I only bought two (why?) so I've planted both. It is also apparently the time for planting root crops according to moon phase planting. I don't know.

Pumpkins still growing

Kind of hoping and wishing that the pumpkins just stop trying to grow any more fruit. I have enough ripening on the vines and these won't make it to a stage that is worthwhile except as animal feed. Which I suppose is worthwhile in itself. Ok, keep growing pumpkins.

Nibbled cabbages

And I have a pest. I don't know if it is a bird or rabbit or possum or what that is taking bites out of my cabbages and other plants. I'll put some blood and bone out to deter the rabbits and possums and if it keeps happening, I'll put out something shiny to scare off the birds. If that fails, I'll tear my hair out and give up.

Gotta get my bed made so I can lie in it. It's fresh off the line sheets today. Yay!


Lisa said...

That Russian garlic is huge! The elephant can sometimes be found at the supermarket.
Don't tear your hair out. 8-)

I got your letter Monday!

Lisa said...

Oop - thanks for the teabag! I didn't use it yet.

Texan said...

I have a ton of elephant garlic planted :O). Its my favorite garlic to grow. It does really well here where I live. It is harder to dig up than regular sized garlic I have found, but it does so much better than regular garlic for me I don't mind.

Crooked Cottage said...

Those elephant garlic cloves must be pretty big even if your hand is small! I still haven't planted my garlic. I have the bulbs here ready to go, specially bought from the organic market and hidden so my husband doesn't accidentally cook with them. But getting out and getting them in the ground is proving hard. Do you think I'm too late?!! (I'm in Sydney). Hope you find your nibbler and protect your cabbages too.

KERYN B said...

That garlic looks amazing..I know your pain with the pest had beautiful stock flowers just about to bloom and the rabbits came and ate every piece except the stem....

Ruth Millett said...

If my broccoli looked like that I'd say slugs or cabbage worms, but maybe you don't have those kind of critters where you live.

I love "squeeky sheet" day too. :)