Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A list

It's a good thing to have a list. I'm probably definitely guilty of having too many lists but who cares? Not me. My big list at them moment is jobs to get done this month while Tim is on annual leave from work. I'm a dreamer, I write long lists with ridiculous workloads on them but you never know.

Here it is:
  • top up soil around cumquat
  • mow entry
  • mow orchard
  • buy and plant 6 lavenders
  • weed tins in orchard
  • mow driveway
  • mow new orchard
  • duck pen
  • chook pen
  • weed tins near shed
  • mow front
  • mow back
  • rose garden
  • herb garden
  • herb garden path
  • paint tanks
  • mow veg   never ending job done twice since I wrote the list
  • tidy compost heaps
  • mow back garden
  • pull weeds in paddock
  • front garden
  • seeds- in progress
  • new gate
  • new side garden
And that's just outdoors.

I'll work on the inside list for his next annual leave. It's just easier to get a lot of these jobs done when there are two fulltime workers.

Other lists seen floating around- my daily chores, shopping list, letters to write, books to read. It goes on.

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