Monday, August 31, 2015

Last of winter

Well officially it is the last of winter. Spring starts tomorrow but in reality it has been spring-like for a little while now. The odd frosty morning in the mix but that is what spring is like too. A lot of the fruit trees are in bloom but there are still many to come which is a good thing because it spreads the blossom-y joy in the apiary over some weeks rather than a few days.

And joy it is for the bees. For the beekeepers too because we do like to just sit sometimes and enjoy the buzz overhead. That's what we did on Saturday. Picked some mandarins from the tree and plonked down under the apricot tree and enjoyed the sound of industry above. Just what the bees need coming out of winter. Pollen for the babies and nectar to make honey.

Next week we will open the hives for a quick check. Just to make sure everything is ok and there is still enough honey to tide the hives over until the warmer weather. The comings and goings from the hives makes me think all is well. They are very busy on these cool sunny days.

I'm busy too. mowing grass, making compost, sowing seeds, weeding and just generally doing what needs to be done along with some things just for fun. That's a good mix.


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