Monday, August 31, 2015

On a challenge

I do have a tendency towards silliness at times. Nothing that will hurt anyone, just a little bit of fun. I like to set little (or big) challenges for myself and for those who live with me if they care to join in. There has been the no chocolate challenge (very difficult), the no coffee challenge (even harder), meat-free May (now we are vegetarians) and now I'm embarking on another challenge.
I really would like to test the boundaries of eating from the garden. I'd love to be saying I'll be eating only from the garden and the other bounty we produce (eggs and honey) but I like to eat and I don't want my challenge to be about deprivation or indeed for it to be a umm... challenging.
First asparagus 2016
The best time to start something like this would be in the height of summer garden production but I'm going to take a similar approach as Barbara Kingsolver in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and start with the spring. Today I found the first asparagus spear of the year and the ducks are laying eggs so I suppose that could constitute spring. The calendar though says spring is still five days away so that will give me some time to work out the rules guidelines. There always have to be guidelines and special exceptions. It's just how these silly notions work.

Most pathetic bird scarer ever

What is working against me are the birds. I thought possums were making merry in the garden and destroying things here and there but it is actually parrots and cockatoos. They are wasteful and destructive. I would gladly share some of the garden and orchard produce with them. Instead I am resorting to futile efforts with plastic owls, pretend cats and scarecrows to keep them away. I think they are laughing at me. The only thing scared of this 'owl' is me every time I go out the back door and it catches my eye. Netting is probably the way to go. we'll see.


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