Friday, September 11, 2015

Pleasantly busy- that's spring

Vegie garden today- almost empty

 I always think (in the middle of summer especially) that winter is my favourite season but you know what? Spring is. Early spring in particular. In my area it is always green at this time of year and the outdoor jobs aren't too demanding (unless we have lambs due of course). I remember because a) I take a lot of pictures to remind me and 2) because my birthday falls a little later this month so it sticks in my mind. Pleasantly busy with enough to do but not too much.


The hearstease are everywhere and they are delightful. So cute and absolutely no maintenance. Plant once and you will have them year after year. I know they are edible along with so many other flowers but I am not a fan. I have used them to decorate cakes and such but I don't like the way they feel in the mouth. It's just not right for me so I don't eat them.

Lonely potato

In a moment of serendipity whilst tidying up the rose garden, I found a volunteer potato plant. It is one of my character flaws, that I cannot pull out a useful plant even if it is growing in a less than ideal spot. My philosophy (does one really need a philosophy for this kind of thing? NO) is that it is growing in the ideal spot for the plant so who am I to remove it. These volunteer plants generally perform very well, nature knows best. So the potato remains and has the pleasure of growing amongst the roses. I think that would be a very nice place to grow.

This weekend we are opening up the hives. The weather is just right for it and I know Tim is itching to get out into the apiary after the winter break. I've been painting some new supers as replacements for some older boxes that have seen better days (that's to say were damaged by rambunctious rams).

Also selling some rams this weekend. I hope. And honey.



Joolz said...

We have finally got a bit of spring weather here today - I need it to blow the lurgies away! We are in for a nice weekend too up until Sunday when I think we have rain coming. I wont mind that either as long as we get a bit of sunshine first! I am sooo over winter! All the best for good ram prices and I hope the hives hold lots of golden honey!

Cheers - Joolz xx

Sharmayne said...

I have to agree its soooo nice to be seeing a bit of sunshine again! Winter this year has been colder and harder to bear I think!! How lucky are you guys to have your own honey...... enjoy!

Lynda D said...

There is a renewed sense of energy and vitality in early spring. Everything looks fresh and new. I saw a paddock of baby lambs yesterday and i would have loved to pull over and watches them frolic. They made me smile.