Saturday, September 19, 2015

Time flew

This past week flew by. I had every intention of sitting down and writing and moreover of reading what others have to say but it just got away from me. Lots to do with school this week and then there are the chores and then there is just being too tired at the end of the day. I'm here now.

Full frame of honey

 Hives were opened up post-winter this week. I did not take good pictures. I managed to get honey on my gloves and in turn on my camera and everything else I touched. Honey on the camera... aaargh. Sticky!

I'm glad to say the bees have been very busy. Three hives and all with full honey supers. The three-tier hive had two full honey supers so we have already extracted one. I think we will leave them all alone for a little while now. All is as it should be and in my opinion the less we intervene the better. I just like their presence in the yard and any honey is a bonus. I'm not a honey lover so the pollination factor is more what I am interested in.

Chooky in the sunshine

I sowed and sowed too. 60 little punnets of seeds and direct sowing as well. Some are up and going well and some are still thinking about it.

I would dearly like to say that I have been sewing and sewing too but alas no. I still haven't stitched or knitted or crocheted a stich. Not for months. Maybe tomorrow when I am taking a special day off. Maybe. Just no inspiration for that kind of thing at the moment.

The sun is just peeking out from behind some clouds now so I'm off. It's cold today so if there is any sun shining then I want to be out in it.

Have a great weekend.


Snoskred said...

It is seriously icy here today. I just let the chooks out for a roam - so far this morning they've had hot mash from their pellets *and* two sets of treats!

Chookyblue...... said...

Enjoyed your honey and lemon hot waters this week with my hayfever.....

Sharmayne said...

I love fresh honey but we don't have any hives here, although I've often thought about it! I've been busy weeding today between doing some hand sewing and a bit of knitting lol

Kimmie said...

Always lovely popping by your blog dear friend.


Louise Jane said...

You're back!!! I love your blog and reading what you have been doing in the garden. I joined Diggers after reading your blog. I should be out in the garden today but are getting much needed rain. Happy birthday to you also.

Janice said...

It certainly is a busy time of year, especially setting up the garden for the main growing season. That honey looks lovely. Bees are so industrious. Nice to have a season when they can still produce over winter.