Thursday, November 19, 2015

Busy -too busy actually


It may be the time of the year but probably not because there always seems to be a lot to do. I am busy at home and away from home as well. It's a very common tale, I hear it all the time.


I have actually been feeling a bit stressed about some of the things that have to be done or worse should have already been done. Yesterday I lifted a big weight off my shoulders by just sitting down and doing the online work I needed to do. So I'm breathing easier today and I'm all set for a bit of pampering and preening before going out tonight.

Gardens are growing well and I'm glad to say that I am on top of the maintenance in the vegetable garden at least. Planting every day. Weeding every day. Just a little bit every day works best for me.

Flanders poppy

Some of the Flanders poppies are still looking good but I collected seed yesterday and pulled out quite a lot of them. I need the space for edible things. The soil where the poppies were needs some attention too so today I'll spread some compost and water it all deeply. Oh I wish I had more compost, I just can't make enough.

Now I do need to get going. Mail to get organised, work to do, ducks who are telling me it's breakfast time and so on.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the flowers that are delighting me in the garden right now.


africanaussie said...

You have a wonderful collection of colourful flowers in your garden right now Tracy. I have been so busy lately and quite honestly it is too hot out in the garden to do much more than the bare essentials. I just moved as much as I could into the shade.

Snoskred said...

I did enjoy this photo journey through your flower beds. :)

It is presently 42C here, I just got in from putting ice and fresh water into the chook pen. Super hot! I'm guessing it is the same where you are today, probably even more so. :/

Elisha Ross said...

Love the Gladi's. I planted a few and they are right next to another plant with similar foliage. Of course I had forgotten this and thought the new shoots were runaways of this so called bush. I realised about 2 days later when I was inspecting the garden bed. Shattered!!! Oh well, there is always next year. You have reminded me to recap the last month of flowers in my own garden, thats if they aren't all dead in this searing heat!

Kimberley said...

love the gladioli colour. I am supposed to out 4 nights next week and quite frankly can not be bothered... I am whacked and need to stop instead of doing all the Christmas expectations/end of year stuff...

Sharmayne said...

Some lovely flowers there at present! Yes, it's all just way to busy these days!

kiwikid said...

Your flowers are beautiful Tracy...lovely to have those splashes of colour...Flanders poppy are my favourite....I have one lone seedling in a pot that came with us when we moved. Try not to get stressed, easy to say I know, just do what you can when you can. It will all come together eventually. Xx

Janice said...

I can't believe how far advanced your flowers are. Our dahlias don't even have buds as yet, despite the very early season. Good luck with keeping on top of everything. You can only do what you can do.