Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gardening and gardening and more gardening

When I say gardening, today I really mean tidying, weeding and hopefully planting (if I have time). Actually that is probably what gardening means all the time. It's nice and sunny outside today but not too hot so it was lovely working this morning. I also have 80 or so lavenders to deadhead which I am not so keen on doing. 
Principe Borghese tomato

I was surprised at how many tomatoes there are already. Of course they are all green and the potential for things to go awry before they are ready to eat is high but it's still nice to know they are there. And let myself daydream a little about how delicious they will be.

Strawberry- chandler

While I was away we had 45mm of rain here at home (I'm sure there was more in Sydney and Wollongong because I had to walk in it). That helped keep everything lush but it did cause the strawberries some grief. There must be a few kilograms to pick today but there are just as many or more that have rotted because I wasn't here to pick them when ready. That is really disappointing. I don't like waste.

The pink peony poppies which I received as a freebie from The Diggers Club were magnificent but I didn't take a picture. The seed heads are quite spectacular in their bizarre way too. I'll definitely be saving seeds from these to spread about the gardens.

The bees are crazy for the asparagus. Bright orange pollen bags and buzzing around in a blissful state. There must something special in asparagus pollen. I hope the baby bees like it.

Planting to do. I really don't want to count how many plants there are that NEED to be planted. At least 60 tomato plants. So I won't count them, I'll just plant them.

And just because today is Remembrance Day and I have Flanders poppies aplenty. I can spare a few packets of seeds that I have saved too if anyone is interested. Only within Australia and not to Tasmania or WA of course.



Texan said...

We are setting into late fall/winter and your getting going on summer. It always makes me smile how odd that seems LOL.
I grow that tomato every year. Its a great one for dehydrating. It holds up well in the pickled tomato recipe since it meatier and less juice.

FlashinScissors said...

Lovely pictures Tracey, especially the bee with the orange pollen sacks. Nice to see your colourful pics as it is quite dull and wintery here. We are having very dull winter weather generally, but it is very mild. All the weeds are still growing and yesterday I noticed our wild strawberries growing again, even with fruit on them! Nice to see you are back home again. Barb xx