Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hot as

 I think this might be the last of the green views for a while. This heat wave that we are having is drying everything out and the paddocks all around are starting to brown off. Closer to town is much worse than here. Forty degree heat makes me yearn for cooler climes or at the very least a day at the beach.

Watering is a daily task now. I'm not complaining, I have the water to spare on a vegetable garden... for now. Picked a basket of strawberries for jam and sowed some corn seeds today. Yesterday I went to the garden centre for more tomato stakes and in a surprising move, I walked out without even looking at any plants. I think anything planted right now would struggle to settle in with the heat.

While it is super hot during the day I've been writing letters and cards and today I squeezed in an episode of Wartime Farm. I borrowed the DVDs from the library and they are well worth a look if you are a history buff who likes a bit of gardening and farming like myself. Tough times for sure and makes you look at any wasteful habits you might have. Time is the commodity I am most wasteful with and I hope I can do better and spend my time wisely. I did multitask while I was watching the DVD.

Right, things to do.


Janice said...

What a crazy season it has been. I don't think any of us were ready for this heat yet.

kiwikid said...

I feel for you with all the heat you are having....hope the water supply keeps up for you and the garden. I often put on a dvd or talking book when I am sewing...very enjoyable. Will look aout for that dvd sounds interesting.

River said...

This heat has come on far too early for my liking, not liking it one bit.
I have a beach photo on my post today if you'd like to see some cooling waves.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Stinking here as well 💗💗💗

Lynda D said...

I just had family visiting from up Leeton way and they thought it was so cold down here. They actually went and bought jumpers. Too funny, it was 19 which is lovely. They had spoken of the 40 degrees up there and that always makes me think of Mum in Narrandera. Will she turn the brand new air con on or will she be worried about the expense.

You are lucky to have the water.