Wednesday, January 20, 2016

In the garden now

Spring onion seeds

The spring onions I let go had seeds ready for sowing so sow I did. I haven't been planting much lately. It has been too hot and dry but even the smallest shower gives a gardener hope and something has to go in the ground. I also planted some more beans- Climbing Princess- and some rocket. The self-sown versions are all powering on so I hope the cultivated ones can too.

Hungarian Black chilli

Chillies are flowering and most of the plants have some fruit to pick. Not the jalapenos, they are behind. This variety of chilli, Hungarian Black, is like a Russian roulette chilli. Some are hot some are not, just have to take your chances. Well that is how it manifests in my garden anyway. A bit of fun in the kitchen. I always think that when the conditions are harsh, the chillies are hotter so I do sometimes neglect the chillies a little just to turn up the heat.

? Spider lily ?

I have this mystery flower too. My parents gave me the bulb which they got from my aunt and it is anyone's guess where she got it from. I think it is a spider lily of some sort. I forgot I planted it until it flowered. It's quite pretty and I hope it continues to thrive. I'll leave it alone, it's enjoyed that treatment thus far.

Today's jobs. First thing a cup of tea and then we will be gathering the sheep to see how they are. I'm hoping our ride-on mower will be ready to be picked up from the menders because the 'lawn' is ready for it. Mulching, I have a nice bug bale of straw to spread. And best of all, doing whatever fine work I like because my reading glasses are excellent.



shez said...

Hi Tracy we have so many spring onions ready at the moment also cucumbers,silverbeet,some of the smaller tomatoes,zucchini and corn isnt too far away,i love home grown vegies,looking forward to catching up with you soon xx

Tania said...

I cant help you with the flower Tracy, but it is certainly pretty. Maybe it could be a spider lily.

I have planted spring onions and it looks like they have come up, hard to tell as they are very tiny at the moment.

We haven't seen any rain here yet, hope we get some soon. They are promising a bit today, tomorrow and Friday, but I will believe it when I see it!


River said...

Looks like a spider lily to me. Intriguing, that Hungarian black chili; where can I get seeds for that? I know my sons would like to try them, they like their food hot enough to burn.

Kimberley said...

I've hibernated inside mostly today due to hideous humidity (not hot really though just humid) - reading glasses sound awesome, so happy stitching! I got bi-focals which help with any work.

Notthatkindoffarmer said...

Sounds an excellent day!This looks absolutely fantastic!!
Thanks for sharing this!!