Tuesday, January 12, 2016

It's hot and horrible

I have to have a quick grumble about the heat (not that there is any point), it got to me yesterday. I spent the morning at the travel agents which addled my brain  and then walked around town in the sun. I don't like hot weather. Ok, grumble over. It's not so sunny today which makes the heat more tolerable and I can bear my own company again.
veg patch

Garden has had some tlc now and it looks better already. Paths are mown and hopefully by the end of the day I can say the 'lawns' have been mown too. I even planted some seeds - spring onions, rocket, climbing princess beans and parsnip- from saved seeds. I like freebies, well almost freebies in this case. Just have to keep the water up to everything which during summer is the hardest part of gardening here. I love gardening so it's not a chore at all to spend time outside in my special space.

What else has been happening the past few days? Not much really. It's holiday mode here so we pretty much don't have a schedule to follow and our days are our own. Too hot for craft, too hot for baking. Too hot for tomato sauce making but I have a batch simmering on the stove regardless.

 I think I am still working my head and heart around not having Grace here too. But I have my trip booked in so I will see her in under six months. Hooray. I can't quite believe that I will be travelling so far from home and on a plane too.



Farmer Liz said...

The heat gets to me too... lucky this summer has been relatively cool so far, unlike last year!

Snoskred said...

I wouldn't mind the heat quite so much if I did not have two broody chooks determined to spend all day in the hot laying box area. I go out once an hour to kick them out, which one of them is NOT a huge fan of.

When I kick them out they at least get themselves a drink and a short dustbathe. There are no eggs in there to sit on! WHY do this, girls? If I could rely on them being broody long term I'd order some chicks, but chances are tomorrow they will have totally forgotten all about it..

The chicken mind.. it is a fascinating thing. :)

shez said...

Hi Tracy wow your garden looks fantastic, I feel for you missing Grace,but it's good that you will be flying over to see her soon,take care my friend xx

River said...

It's hot and horrible here too, today and tomorrow. I've spent 95% of the day inside where the airconditioner is, just taking time to water the garden as soon as the sun was down far enough. Thursday and Friday are supposed to be down around 25C-26C, which is far more my preferred temparature.

Amy at love made my home said...

Exciting about your travel plans!!! A good thing to look forward to. Enjoy your garden in the meantime. xx

Janice said...

I know where you are coming from about this heat......but I get to be in the air con at work. Good to see that you are on control in your garden again. Great news that you will get to visit Grace before too long.

Notthatkindoffarmer said...

Great walk-through.thank you for giving us this useful information.

Debbie said...

Hi Tracy...I think your garden is looking wonderful. So glad that you are able to come over and visit Grace...time will soon pass. I'm not good in hot weather although I do like some's 3 degrees here at the moment and the temp. is set to fall we're told...but I don't mind too much as long as I'm wrapped up. Debbie xx

kiwikid said...

Your need garden looks amazing you say the time spent is well worth while. I do not enjiy the hot weather either...hard to settle to anything. Time will zip by fast and you will be seeing Grace again and having your wonderful trip. Can you share your tomato sauce recipe please?? Have made plum sauce here, got in before the birds got all the plums!!!

Melinda Rose said...

You're definitely right about the heat being intense, but I have to say...your garden looks amazing. Kudos to you for maintaining healthy, attractive vegetation in this ridiculous heat.

Hopefully, we will all get some relief from the heat, allowing me some time to work on my own garden. Of course, then we will have to start worrying about the next intense seasons.

Melinda Rose @ Phoenix South HVAC