Monday, February 1, 2016

Frugal February

Random picture of the backyard.

February is a big spend month in my house. Car insurance, registration, school fees and council rates on top of the regular expenses. I have budgeted for these things but having them all occur in the one month makes me want to be extra careful spending-wise this month. I'm also saving vigorously for a holiday which gives me even more impetus. I can't think of a single way to bring in a few more bucks  so I just have to make the money I have work harder for me.

It's a good thing to look hard at where the money goes and find any leaks in the system. You know, those little things that can add up without you even realising. Cups of coffee, takeaways, magazines and probably lots of other little spends that are not coming to mind right now.

This month I'm:
  •  tracking my spending and making sure I don't squander a cent.
  • making budget conscious meals all month (sometimes I do splurge on ingredients)
  • taking my library books back on time to avoid fines (I am hopeless)
  • limiting expenses to necessities (except for my luxury item)
  • making best use of the garden produce
  • selling honey
  • selling beeswax
A little bit of pocket money for my stamps is my luxury this month and that expense to me is worth far more than the face value of the stamp.


Janice said...

I hope your frugal month puts plenty of pennies in your piggy bank. I know it is not in February, but I certainly would like to order some honey for when I am in Nundle for GDITC. The tubs we bought last time were delicious.

shez said...

Hi Tracy you are amazing i am going to try and do the same,thankyou for the inspiration my friend xx

River said...

I need to get my budget back on track too. Christmas hit harder than I expected, then I needed new shoes and next week is my grand daughter's engagement party. After that, I'm back to counting pennies and buying only what I need.

Amy at love made my home said...

It is a shocker when all the bills come at once. We seem to have managed to spread ours out by some luck, for which I am thankful. Shame that I cannot buy any of your honey, but it really wouldn't be practical! xx

JahTeh said...

I've been on a pension for 14 years and my sister has just started but with a superanuation bank account. I've never heard such moaning about cutting costs and now it's on about only having enough money to pay rent until she's 80. I think it's great if I have enough money at the end of the fortnight to rush over to the Book Depository in UK and buy a book from the bargain basement.
My other luxury, coffee and the Sunday paper at the corner milk bar.