Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Organics and such


I like the notion of shopping only at the organic market. Good for the body of course as long as you steer  clear of the chocolate aisle, the chip aisle and all of the other snack foods. Just because it is organic doesn't mean it is going to be good for you. Not good for the purse either.

A new organic market and café opened recently in town. I did go to the grand opening last week and it was BUSY that day which is good for the business. The hype has passed now and it was just the right level of busy for me yesterday. That is, not busy at all. A quiet café to  enjoy a really nice extra hot cappuccino in and then a leisurely shop afterwards. Before a visit to the naturopath.

I have been feeling fatigued of late so I thought maybe some natural kind of intervention might be best. I think I went to the quackiest quack in town. In hindsight I can see I didn't research enough to get the best experience. At least she said I am in excellent health according to her experienced fingers that can listen to all of my pulses while she chats away. I knew I was in for an interesting time when she complimented me on my bag and asked if I make them to sell. This almost as soon as I sat down. Perhaps the intention was to put me at ease but really I want my health professionals to be just that, not tell me random stories and definitely not be surprised by my husband being vegetarian. A male vegetarian, what a shock, really?. I'm not going back. Not even for the free of charge next visit. I don't think it is worth it.

I would like to say though that I have entertained and still do entertain the idea of studying a Bachelor of Health Science (just downloading the course guide now and emailing for information) so I am not opposed to complementary medicine and therapies. I really like the idea of it actually. Ultimately though I am a scientist and a sceptic so things have to add up and do good not harm. Yesterday's experience did not add up but no harm done either thankfully.

Anyway. I know I am fatigued and I will have my iron levels tested soon to check on that. In the interim, I will take care of myself and do the right things for a healthy body. Eat well, exercise and get enough sleep and do some more things just for fun. Starting with making my first block for the Splendid Sampler. That's something good to do when it is just too hot outside, sew. Letters to reply to too which is really nice and a great way to connect. Today is Wednesday so that is one of my two yoga days each week.



River said...

Do a quick health check on yourself. Look into a mirror and pull down your lower eyelids. If the inner is very pale, you are anaemic and need more iron. If the inner eyelids are nice and red, you're okay, (unless you've just finished crying), but you may still need more iron.
A proper health check shouldn't be missed though as there are many other reasons for fatigue.

shez said...

Hi Tracy I love this post you touched on I portant issues I feel,it's hard to find a good naturopath. Oh I love the sound of this new cafe/ shop,how exciting hope you feel better soon my friend xx

Lisa said...

It's too bad, Tracy - you picked the wrong one, apparently. There are so many good naturopaths here. Unfortunate.

Lilbitbrit said...

Sorry to hear that you a feeling fatigued, always good to go for a blood test. Funny story about the health visit. Hope you get to the cause.

Amy at love made my home said...

It definitely sounds like a different kind of experience! I fail to see why a male vegetarian is a surprise, I know of several!! xx

kiwikid said...

Sorry to hearyou are not the best Tracy...sad that naturopath wasn't so good, I have a wonderful one here. I have tosay though it took a long time to find her, and I went to many in the mean time!! Hope something can be sorted for you before you go away. Strange to be surprised a male would be a vegetarian. .I know several!! Look after your self.