Monday, September 5, 2016

I think I will just ramble on a bit today. I've been home for a couple of weeks and feel like I am on top of things that needed to be done. There are 28 raised beds in my main kitchen garden and in that time, I weeded them all and got them sorted ready for planting. I can't honestly figure out how I managed it because I struggle to keep on top of it usually. I'll just put it down to a feeling of eagerness and a burst of energy from having such an extended holiday. The energy bubble has popped for now.

It is lovely weather today and I spent some time in the garden but my vigour has deserted me right now. So I'm having a rest , writing this post and catching up with blog posts I have missed.I need to make sure I have my supplements
 I suppose I could just eat more of this. A lot more.

The herb garden is in my sights now to be weeded and tidied up. I really love herbs and herbal lore and want to incorporate more unusual plants in the garden.

I'm glad I am home in time for the heartsease. I love their sweet little faces. I especially love that they take care of themselves and never need to be planted or molly coddled.

What did need some molly coddling was my sourdough starter. It umm... finished while I was away so I have to start over. That's ok. I like the process. And it is warming up so it should get going quick sticks. I hope so.

Bye for now


Janice said...

There's nothing like being away from home to give you inspiration to get stuck into things when you return. It must be a good feeling seeing your garden beds ready for the new season.

Deb R said...

such a lovely post, I have got 6 vegie beds going at the moment and need to fill another too with spring :)

Alexa said...

You have two flowers that I too love...the Lavender and heartsease. Both showing their happy faces now :)

Alexa-asimplelife visiting today whilst I sit at the Sydney airport waiting for my flight to Adelaide to visit my ageing mother.

Amy at love made my home said...

Wow, you have a lot of gardening to do, there will be a lot of lovely produce from it I am sure. xx