Sunday, September 11, 2016

Just enjoying the garden

Quite often for me the garden is all about work. I love the work . I really do. It's exercise, it's outside and it's all about growing good things to eat or pretty things to look at. It's my take it easy day today so the only real work I did was spread some compost. I needed the wheelbarrow elsewhere so I had to use the compost. There are never enough wheelbarrows here. I've even put in a request for one for a birthday gift.

It is nice however to take the time to just enjoy the garden like I would if I visited someone else's patch. Looking around at the good things without paying heed to jobs that need attention. It was something I loved doing in England, visiting the great gardens they have. And although they have paid gardeners working full time, there was always still something not done. If it is good enough for them then it is good enough for me.

I'm glad I actually planted some brassicas be fore I went away. The sprouting broccoli are starting to make their way to the kitchen in small quantities.

And the red cabbages. I think I would grow them even if I didn't want to eat them. Next time I think I will plant some in the flower garden. Kind of like ornamental kale but much better because you eat the end product.

 More purple. This time the purple podded peas. The peas inside when they develop are green but I like to eat them like snow peas, pod and all. I think they are especially delicious eaten in the garden.

I couldn't resist this little face when I was at the garden centre on Wednesday. Now I just have to remember to water it. I do sometimes forget to water my pot plants.

Bye for now


Lilbitbrit said...

Your garden is so productive, mine was not that good this year.

Kimberley said...

that is quite the garden patch there - a full time job! I have never seen purple pods before. I've got to get to the garden centre again for summer things.

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great trip and now are refreshed.

Debbie said...

Hi Tracey...I'm so pleased you had such a wonderful trip...your garden looks wonderful productive. Debbie xx