Sunday, December 4, 2016

Up with the birds

I truly love to be awake and out working while the birds are still making their morning ruckus. I'm not sure how everyone else here sleeps through it actually. It is so nice to have those moments to myself though and then to get started outside working before the heat and the flies clock on. 


The climbing Iceberg rose has had some pruning. Unplanned, but I'm sure it will be none the worse for the trim.


Like mother, like daughter. Trilby had to have a nibble too. I'm glad they are small cows because elsewise they'd probably be over the fence not just chewing tidbits.

I'm just glad these girls don't mind mowing the lawn for me.

Some more gladioli are blooming. This is one of my favourites, a soft pink colour. I've had to stake it though because it just won't stand up on its own.

Back when the weather was mild and much kinder, I decided to make a new vegetable garden in the orchard. Just a long straight bed really and somewhere especially for the pumpkins to ramble when they get growing. This is the first thing to be ready from the new bed, some lovely and slightly hot French breakfast radish. I've never had a radish for breakfast so maybe I should give it a try someday.
For now the radish are being enjoyed in salads and as snacks.



River said...

What type of cows are Aunty and Trilby? I don't think I've ever seen such pretty cows.
I haven't seen gladioli in a long time either.
I remember my mum planting radish seeds along with the carrot seeds, the radishes would mature much quicker, so pulling them out left plenty of room for the carrots to mature without crowding.

Lisa said...

Enjoy your mornings, Tracy! You're so industrious. Thank you for the pretty calendar and Australian tea! (I had it in the morning, I'm afraid - couldn't wait till afternoon. LOL)

kiwikid said...

The gladoli is beautiful....helpful girls doing the pruning for you.