Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sun and rain

Mixed bag as far as the weather goes but predominantly hot. The garden here is loving and the grass is growing faster than Tim or I can keep up. It's great to not be worrying about water for one summer at least. The rain is quite hit and miss though and we are lucky this time.
The rain is mostly coming in storms. Quite nasty storms actually. The cat hides under the bed, the chooks take cover and the ducks just think it's fabulous. We had 24mm of rain on Wednesday afternoon and 49mm on Friday. Lots of wind and thunder and lightning and tree limbs down all over the place. 


As I said, it is doing wonders for the gardens. Flowers galore.

Roses still have blooms here and there but they are fading now. I think my roses are a bit wimpy and things have to be just right.

It's a small window of opportunity when moisture, sunshine and temperature are in perfect balance and they say ok, we'll put on a show... today only. 😕🌹

It's not all gardening and working. It never is. It's the last throes of the school holidays so that means we have the country music festival. Surprisingly it wasn't too busy yesterday. I'm glad.



kiwikid said...

You have beautiful flowers in the garden Tracy, the bees must love the buddleia, they like the purple ones we have here. The roses are beautiful.

River said...

I'm jealous of your yellow buddleia, I've tried to grow one from cuttings several times but they never survived.

Amy at love made my home said...

Hope you enjoyed the festival this weekend! It is a shame about the weather, but I know that in Australia everyone always needs rain so I hope that it is useful in that respect!

Janice said...

It's wonderful when it all comes together in the garden. Your veges must be going gang busters. Unfortunately, we aren't getting much rain. Less than an inch for the year so far.

Linda P said...

Your roses are beautiful! I hope you're having good weather for the country music festival and I'm glad you've already enjoyed some of the sessions there. It's very cold here and we've been experiencing frost and fog first thing in the mornings recently. Today there's weak sunshine so it's a brighter day, but it's still very cold outside. Have a good week!

Chookyblue...... said...

some serious storms around for sure.......great falss you got there.......we got an inch last week.......but OMG the lawns are growing fast with the rain and then its been very humid so sweaty weather..........