Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy 2018

2017 flashed by for me. I'm determined to take things slower in 2018. Write in my diary (and here) and plans are in motion to cross a few things off my travel dreams list. I've spent a bit of time today transferring info from last year's notebook to this and taking note of the useless bits of information I umm take note of. My tally of letters sent for example. 235 last year plus those I forgot to record. 😜

I thought the day was going to be overcast. It looked that way at 6am but it is hot and sunny this afternoon. I've watered the garden and done some weeding and had a quick nap too. It's that kind of day. There are tomatoes and beans in the garden that will be involved in dinner somehow ( curry tonight I think) and the bees are crazy for the sunflowers at the moment.

I received a small cross stitch gift tag kit from a friend and I will finish making one of those this afternoon. I really didn't take the time to be creative craft-wise last year but these little tags have made me realise how much I miss making things. And I will have something for the present box for next Christmas. Hopefully it will be the start of my creativity not the end.

Happy 2018
Tracy xo


doodles n daydreams said...

We have had a lovely sunny New Year's Day but there has been a bit of wind. Just finished tea and thinking about going for walk once the dishes are done. All the best for a slower 2018.


Tania said...

Sounds like a lovely start to the new year Tracy.

It was a beautiful sunny day here today, but the temperature is rising to 46C by Saturday!

I too love creating, and I intend to pick up on that this year :)


FlashinScissors said...

Pleased to see you blogging again! Glad to hear you missed it!
Look forward to seeing what crafting you get up to.
Wishing you and yours a Very Healthy and Happy 2018!
Barbara xx

Sharmayne said...

A lovely start to the year - happy new year my friend

Janice said...

Your plans for this year sound good. Our years go too fast, so to slow down and enjoy our time is a great idea.