Wednesday, February 14, 2018

And there I was in my last post saying how out of habit I am posting on this blog and I was so right. Three weeks sped by and despite best intentions, I did not post a jot. I have of course been writing plenty but with real stationery.

 The hot and dry weather does not seem to have an end in sight and the garden and gardener are suffering. It's not the heat that bothers either of us but the dry.

I keep watering and the plants are grateful. I'm an optimist too so I am always planting something new and sowing seeds. I have my little greenhouse filled with seedlings for winter vegetables and they are growing well.

In the orchard, apples are ready. I have a new favourite variety, Worcester Permain. I hadn't had a good taste of it before because the cockatoos had beaten me to the fruit but the trees are well netted so the fruit is all mine. True to description, the Worcester Permain really does have a hint of strawberry flavour and is sweet and juicy. Delicious enough that I think I'll order another tree or two.
I'm a sucker for the heritage varieties with their quirky names.

Mail from Sophie

As for the writing with real stationery. I'm a letter-writer from way back. Mt first penpal was my great aunt when I was about 8 years old. I love writing notes and cards and letters and receiving happy mail is such a thrill. I write almost every day. In February, I definitely write every day. It is the Month of Letters and also InCoWriMo and I'm an active participant. Some penfriends are long-term pals who I correspond with regularly and some just catch up once a year during February. It's fun if you like to write letters. I have deactivated my social media accounts for the month (at least but maybe longer) too so no Facebook or Instagram for me. And who wouldn't enjoy mail like that above. Sent to me from a new friend in Western Australia and wow, the Cath Kidston tea, very sweet. I put all my interesting/ pretty tea packets I receive in my junk journal (once I've enjoyed the tea). I'll have to remind myself to take a picture and share it on the blog.

Well, it is time for work. Best be off.