Sunday, January 20, 2019


I have been off on a too short weekend trip to Sydney. That was last weekend and I am just catching up here now. Holiday mode and a heat wave are my reasons for not checking in sooner. Tim went back to work today after a month of leave and Hope will be back at school at the end of the month. Then it is back to routine. School has been a backbone of my routine since 1999 so it will be strange next year not to have that as Hope finishes school in October and she is my baby.

Darling Harbour

Anyway, onto the holiday. We had some great family time. Visiting with our son and his love. Got to see their new flat all decked out how they want it. Last time we saw it, it was a work site. Looks good now.

Had a wonderful evening with my sister, brother in law and my two nephews. They visited us last month so our turn this time. Darling Harbour was the backdrop and it didn't disappoint. I would rather it was less crowded but with the draw of fireworks, everyone wants to be there.


It had been too long since I had been to the beach so I booked an overnight stopover at Forster for the trip home. I'm glad I did. The water was wonderful. With the heatwave we've been having this week, I would love to be back there in the surf.

Before the heat

The hot weather has been draining. Up extra early to get out before the sun is over the hill and before too many flies are about to bother me. Then out of the sun and heat as much as possible until evening. It feels a little nicer out today and there is a cool breeze blowing for now.

I have been crocheting which does sound like a crazy thing to do in the heat but I don't want to get behind with the crochet along. I'm enjoying it immensely and today I will weave in some ends which although I won't enjoy that task at all, I will be glad when I get to the end and don't have loose ends to tuck in. Plenty of letter writing happening too. I took a break from that the first two weeks of the year so I have a few replies to write. Keeps me out of mischief.

Tracy xo

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Gentle Days

It is school and work holidays and it is lovely. The days have a real gentle rhythm. I am really enjoying my time in the morning when it is just me, a cup of tea and some quiet meditation. I would like to sleep in but it is not in my make up, never has been. 

The weekend was hot but there has been a slight reprieve the last two day. Mid-thirties instead of 39℃ which doesn't sound like much at all really. On sunny, hot Sunday I got out the sewing machine and some vintage sheer fabric my great-uncle gave me. I made 8 produce bags of various sizes so when the garden isn't feeding us then I'll be prepared. I'm hoping to give them a trial run soon and then I can take some pictures of them in action. I've also been stitching a few stitches each day on my cross stitch until the evening light outside gets too low. Yarns are sorted for the big crochet project so it can start in earnest now.

 When I did my morning gardening yesterday I disturbed some sort of conversation between these two noisy miners. They were probably plotting how best to steal something from the garden.

I had company while I gardened. Happily said company was on the other side of the fence. The sheep always get a few bits and pieces when I'm working. I have a Chou Moellier kale growing which is a particular favourite along with dahlia flowers/leaves and any tomatoes I can spare. The chickens get the weeds and they are happy for that too.

I had a lovely surprise today. Amy from Love Made my Home popped back up in my reading list. It looks like 2019 might be the year for getting back to blogging across the board. I know I am glad to be back. Amy's blog has always been a friendly place and a good read too. Her Instagram feed is beautiful too.

Well, I have finished my tea and have work to do. Hope you have an interesting day.

Bye for now,
Tracy xo

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Some stitching

I did join in with Cheryll's Friday Night with Friends albeit briefly. Friday was very hot 39℃ and not conducive to crafting or much of anything really. I had to water the vegetable garden late in the day too to avoid the heat after missing my opportunity in the morning.

I did some stitches on my long term work in progress that I will valiantly try to finish this year. It may require a new set of reading glasses but I'm determined. When that got too much, I made some envelopes out of last year's calendars. I use those for my sending penpal letters.

Not much done really but very nice to sit and stitch knowing I'm in the company of friends. It has been too long since I have done that.

I have my pattern now for the Sweet Pea crochet along so I know what I'll be occupied with over the next while craft-wise.

Bye for now,
Tracy xo

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

New Year, new post

Where to start? Just where I am I guess. I have spent almost twelve months in the background  here and am just now feeling that I want to write again. A new year is a good place to restart. I have noticed that there are many blogs missing from my reading list. 

In the vegetable garden today

In the eleven months or so that I have been absent, life has continued on with its ups and downs and the minutiae of day to day life. I'm sure I'll get to sharing bits and pieces as I continue here.
The herb garden is a jungle at the moment.
 At the moment I can happily say we have enough water for people, animals and gardens. It was looking dire a month or so ago but a few summer storms and our two creeks that have not stopped running (even if they slowed to a trickle) and things are looking up. The grass is green and the plants including the weeds are growing well.

I am looking forward to getting started on the Attic 24 crochet along starting this week (January 4th). I've never participated in one before and chose the yarn pack as my Christmas gift. It was the most economical way to get all the right yarns. I am definitely aiming to make 2019 a more creative one for me. Cross stitching, sewing, crochet, writing... whatever feels right.

So, just a brief post today to check back in and try to get the hang using blogger again.

Tracy xo