Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year and Something to Give

Our duck family
Happy New Year to all who read here. Although the beginning of a new year is really just another day,I can't help but feel positive about the idea of starting afresh. 2009 was not the best year that I have lived but I am still glad for it.

Anyway,to mark the start of a new year full of potential and promise, I would like to offer a small giveaway. The prize will be humble, acouple of dishcloths, a shopping tote and maybe a couple of surprises. Just leave a comment here over the next week and you can be in the draw. As this blog is only new I am hoping that this might help new and old friends find me so please feel free to pass on a link to kindred spirits.
There are no great resolutions here to start off 2010. However,I am giving up caffeine for health reasons. It caused me some health problems during last year even though I am not a big consumer of it.I seem to have developed an intolerance to it with some undesirable side-effects.
Best wishes


Linda said...

I remember drinking coffee back in 1993 and having an awful reaction. I have drunk little since.

Rel said...

Hi Tracy ~ you have one a book from my blog :) Please email me your address within 7 days to claim your prize!

Happy New Year!

Christy said...

Hi Tracy,

I'm glad you came and visited.

I personally made my blog personal for a while, but never deleted it. I'm thinking of taking each year and making it into a book. It's quite easy to download it and do that. You may find that all your photos that were in you old blog are still on a Picassa web in a file. You should be able to access this using the same passwords you used to get into your old blog. I'm no expert, but take a look. I stumbled on all mine there the other day. I know it's not all your words, but it is all the photos.

After all that do enter me into your drawing.

And as the yanks say, "have a nice day."


chook said...

Hi Tracy
I am new to your blog
I look forward to reading it in 2010
I would love to be in your draw
hugs Beth

Gill - That British Woman said...

I only drink de-caffinated coffee once in a while, I am a tea drinker.....well I am British, so what would you expect...LOL

I don't normally mention giveaways on my blog, but I will tomorrow,

Gill in Canada

Toria said...

Confirmed coffee addict here :-). But only in the morning, I drink herbal teas for the rest of the day.

I like your ducks - what kind are they? We have pekins, they're more flat compared with your upright looking ones.

Vickie said...

For some reason my bloglines was not showing you as update grr...Happy to see you posting again...Oh wow your duck family is sooooo cute.....too give up coffee for me would be very difficult-but as you said health issues are making you do it..I wish you well...cheers Vickie

Carlyv said...

I drink a lot of coffee here. The only time I will consider drinking less is if I get pregnant. Coffee & caffein are my BFFs ;) but for the new year I should make a resolution to eat less junk food.

Anonymous said...

I wish you all the best in your efforts to lead a healthier life by giving up caffiene. I really should do the same myself.

I had to post as Anonymous as it won't let me sign in as my name.

I am Saskmom and my email is

Kadeeae said...

Hi Tracy,

Found you via the link on Gill's blog, and look forward to reading of your adventures on 'Sunny Corner Farm' ;-)

tenthingsfarm said...

What adorable ducks! We are buried in snow this time of year (I am in Colorado, US), so it's extra-lovely to see green grass, ducklings and pumpkin blossoms!

I saw Gill's post on her blog, and stopped in to visit a bit.

-Laura at TenThingsFarm

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Hi Tracy, welcome back, I was following you then you disappeared. Glad your back!

Darlene said...

Hiya Tracy,

Got to your blog via Our Simple Green House and thinks your photos of animals are so cute!

Don't want to go in the draw but would like to donate a couple of books and magazines. Please PM if you'd like some for the draw or for yourself ;)