Monday, December 28, 2009

Rain At Last

After recent hot weather the soaking rain that we have had for the last few days is such a relief. The tanks are full and the creek has a healthy flow.The picture above is of the torrent flowing through what is left of my herb garden.The garden bed to the right of the picture will have to be replanted once the grasshoppers are finally finished.All they have left there are brown skeletons of what used to be lush green herbs.

The girls have some fun splashing in the puddles.

I have some quiet time listening to the cricket and cross stitching.The only drawback is that I have had to turn the electricity on to the solar hot water system that we had installed in November to bump up the temperature.It is the first time since it was installed that the temperature has been low enough to require some additional heat.I probably wouldn't have bothered but those girls playing in puddles will want to have a bath when they finally come inside.
Happy Days


Scarecrow said...

Hi Tracey
Great to see you back in blogland! I'll have to put you back on my bloglist. ;)
I hope the lovely rain you've had gets rid of those grasshoppers for you!

With regard to your comment on my blog I find the weather bureau helpful.
Just in case you don't already know, this page from the NSW Weather Bureau should have a town near you listed. If you are like us, our local one is 10kms away so I keep my own rainfall figures but the temperature is close enough at that weather station.

Scarecrow said...

Ooops sorry Tracy...I spelt your name wrong!