Sunday, January 31, 2010

Establishing a Routine

Oliver the Pekin rooster

The pictures are completely unrelated to the title of this blog. I just want to make note that I find January a month in which it is difficult to return to routine. Bedtime is later and the household operates in holiday mode.

Gladioli bloom
I guess the routine of January is fun. No school, no homework, warm weather, swimming playing cricket.

The lawn also can get out of hand if there is rain and then warm weather. Thankfully I have some lawn mowers that don't produce quite as greenhouse emissions as a regular lawnmower. The sheep had a couple of days access to this lush grass and then were moved on to not so green pastures for their benefit not ours.

I have drawn the winner of my giveaway and the lucky lady is Linda.

Tomorrow is February 1st so hopefully with school and music lessons back in full swing, we can settle down and establish a routine.

Bets wishes,


Linda said...

Thank you so much Tracy, what a lovely surprise.

Your post reminded me of the gladis we planted awhile ago, but they will be late flowering.

I'm sure the prize will cheer me up, what a nice start to February and the start of the school and uni year.

Gillybean said...

Can't believe how green that grass is, not the picture I have in my mind of Australia at this time of year.
I'm feeling a little resistant about the back to school routine, am quite enjoying spontenaity and sleeping in.

Vickie said...

Oh I can so relate like it was only yesterday on the end of January and getting back into routine and gosh it's been 6years since I had that routine, love your gladioli it looks gorgeous and your chook makes a lovely picture,oh your lawn mowers are so great at their job, cheers Vickie