Monday, February 1, 2010

School's In

Today we started back with school work proper. There has ofcourse been some learning throughout the holidays but today we sat down to do 'school work'. Spelling, maths, geography, science and some baking too.

Last October my youngest started home school and is progressing nicely. Her older sister today started high school at home. It was a little daunting to sort through the NSW curriculum for all of the key learning areas but the board of studies inspector says we have it all covered nicely. I don't think that home education suits everyone but at this stage it is suitable for us.

There is a new hive in our paddock as well. These bees seem friendly enough and aren't bothered when we get a little close. This hive is situated close to the orchard but at the moment I think gum blossoms are their choice.

The pumpkin for the Junior Landcare growing challenge is growing well. This picture was taken for a monthly weigh-in in January and I think it is twice the size now.
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