Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Small Victories

There have been some small successes in the garden. The pests which have been causing us so much disappointment seem to be under control.They haven't disappearded but they are in numbers that seem more like a natural balance. It is once again a joy to head down to the vegetable patch and potter for a moment or an hour or two.

Today I harvested the first thing from the vegetable garden for the year.A lovely,crisp and tasty lemon cucumber.It was on the small side and probably should have grown for a couple more days but I was impatient for something homegrown to eat with our evening meal.

This brown,messy bunch of sticks is what was left of my Southernwood in the herb garden at the beginning of January after the grasshopper plague.I decided to leave it in the garden along with a lot of the other 'skeletons' of plants.I was hoping that maybe just maybe they might revive when the problem passed and guess what...

there are signs of life.Thank goodness.
Til next time,


Tracie said...

Hi Tracy,
How is everything? Sorry to read about the grasshoppers. The lemon cucumber looks yummy. I hope the weather is cooler up there.It is beautiful here this morning, the cat and the chickens are enjoying the cool.

have a great day


Melissa van Boekhout said...

Hi Tracey, you have won the redraw of my 5inabed giveaway! Please email me ( with your email, postal address and preference of needle case or glasses case! I will then get stitching! we are attempting a camping trip ( 3 days) so will be in touch again after that! Love your blog! Melissa

Leanne said...

Hi Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog.
I'm just having a coffee & a lovely browse at your blog. We are meant to be hsing today but I think a wag is needed.

Nice to meet you.

Love Leanne

Amy said...

Hi Tracy,

I came to pay you a visit from Marigold Cottage. Thankyou for your visit to me.

There are times when I find gardening so disheartening, but new life always brings new hope, doesn't it?