Monday, February 8, 2010

Pumpkin and Patch

This little table mat was made for my swap partner for Valentines Day. I'm not one for celebrating Valentine's day but a nice little parcel of five goodies devoted to friendship was something that appealed to me. It was quick to sew and could be hand pieced if desired.

The pumpkin for the Junior Landcare Pumpkin Challenge is starting to take off. It was 612 grams two weeks ago and is topping the scales at 5kg today. I don't think it will be a winner but it has been fun for my youngest to grow. The pumpkin has to have a name as part of the competition and her's is Bubba. That is also her nickname.
A slight glut of tomatoes has brought out our pickle making tendencies. I made Mustard Pickles last week and Bubba (the girl not the pumpkin) made some Chilli Jam on the weekend. She has a lot of chillies growing in her little vegetable garden bed along with a tomato bush, radish and dwarf beans. She is determined to grow as much in her 1 x 1 metre patch as she can.
Bye for now,


Blore said...

I would love to taste some of that chilli jam thai style...much better than pad thai. That pumpkin is going to be huge!

Melissa van Boekhout said...

Hi Tracy, I was planning on growing some of those pumpkins this year but was too late to plant them ( we have a relatively short growing season), I love the gift you made for your swap.