Saturday, March 27, 2010

Feathered Friends

Today I took a few pictures of some of the feathered characters that live on our farm. We have some Isa Brown hens as layers but I am thinking of replacing them with pure bred white leghorns. At least I will replace them with white leghorns when I can source some that are suitable.

Silver Sebright rooster and cockerel

We have Silver Sebrights. They are tiny and flightly. The eggs they lay are lightly tinted and the size of a regualr bantam egg. Our last batch of chicks hatched were all cockerels and we have two more to part with. Unlike the ducks and turkeys, using the excess sebrights for the table would be a lot of work for little reward.

Charles the black Indian Runner

This is my black Indian Runner Drake. My ducks have a lovely temperament and because we have a very large yard, they don't seem to make a mess which is sometimes a complaint from duck owners. I looked far and wide for my black ducks as I only had white and fawn before that. I saw Prince Charles' black Indian Runners and decided that they would make a nice addition to our yard too.

Marie-Buff Laced Wyandotte

In our quest to sell the Sebright cockerels, I advertised on the Farmstock website. Unfortunately there have been no takers as yet but I did pick up a pair of Buff Laced Wyandottes for free while looking around the site.

Hugh- Buff Laced Wyandotte rooster

There are also pekins and turkeys here too but they can wait for another time.

Tonight as part of the Earth Hour campaign households and businesses are requested to turn off their lights at 8:30pm. I am participating but I'm not sure if it counts as our lights are usually out by this time anyway. To make an effort to participate though, I will ensure that all unnecessary electrical switches are in the off position.
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Linda said...

The black duck is very nice. I enjoyed seeing your feathered friends. My daughter talks about getting something, will check out the site, thanks.

Caitlyn Nicholas said...

What magnificent looking birds, and clearly very well looked after. Thanks for putting up the pictures.